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Sunday, March 5, 2006

Honorable Intro

Posted by on March 5 at 19:25 PM

O.K., this will probably drive Ms. Wagner bananas, but it must be said that the introduction that Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep just gave to honorary Oscar recipient Robert Altman (richly fucking deserved, despite Popeye) was the most natural, hilarious and smart intro I’ve ever seen on a mainstream awards show.

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I don't know about "natural", but it was one of the best things I've ever seen. Catty, funny, confused and confusing, and a better tribute than a hundred grandiose speeches. Altman's acceptance was one of the few real voices I've heard all night as well.

Exactly--"confused and confusing" = natural. Or at least seemingly natural. Even if all of that was read off a teleprompter, a good 40% seemed plausibly improved to me.

I'm royally pissed. My Comcast DVR says it recorded 3 hours, but the recording fizzled midway through Meryl and Lily and then suddenly came back with the Best Actress montage.

I missed the parade of the dead. 5 minutes of 'They died???'s and 'Shit, they were still alive???'s, peppered with the occasional 'Oh, yeah... I forgot that...' and the sniffle for those I did remember.

The greats who died: Shelly Winters and Fayard Nicholas. Winters I'm sure you know, though you probably don't know why she's a great, but Fayard Nicholas was the greatest dancer who ever lived--or half of the greatest. I say that as a huge fan of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly and Sammy Davis. Nobodynobodynobody could dance like the Nicholas Brothers. Check out the movie "Tap". Fayard Nicholas was a god of art.

I thought the meryl/lily thing was hilarious and great-- for about 40 seconds. That's all we needed. It got annoying quickly after that.

But was this the best academy awards show in years or what?

I was put off by Altman plugging his current projects. He's an auteur, not a mainstream director. I don't understand why he needed to plug anything.

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