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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hipsters of the World, I Direct Your Attention to IFOTD

Posted by on March 23 at 15:30 PM

I didn’t see it, because it was buried in the comments field of Monday’s BASFOTD, but Ryan Chapman (his blog his here) is making good on his promise to post an Interpol Fact of the Day for every one of my Belle and Sebastian Facts of the Day—although, to keep things simple, he’s starting a thread for this in our Forums.

[Confidential to Ryan: you didn’t post an IFOTD to correspond with Tuesday’s or Wednesday’s BASFOTD… so, um, you got some catching up to do. Confidential to anyone wondering which of B&S’s albums to start with: my advice is here. Everyone else: Today’s BASFOTD will be up within the hour, God help me.]