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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Here in the office…

Posted by on March 30 at 13:55 PM

Just minutes ago, Dan Savage spontaneously tossed a chocolate easter bunny at Christopher Frizzelle. Frizzelle, a bit alarmed, ducked behind his hand in order to not get hit in the face, and instead of being pelted with the holiday confection, he made a surprising catch. “This is great,” he exclaimed, “I’m gay and I can catch!” Then he threw the bunny to Charles Mudede who ate the candy and is now complaining about how he hates whoever threw it at him and now needs to go walk around the block to work it off.

Good times.

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I dunno, I got nothing. Gore, damnit... we need gore.

"Dan Savage spontaneously tossed ..." If Doorknob Dan spontaneously combusts, that will be worthy of our attention and worth our time. Otherwise, save your bandwidth.

This post made me happy. Thank you.

Frizelle is like the veggies in the movie "Awakenings"!

speaking of getting HIT WITH FLYING time, our dear sweet slogger megan, who I call ding dong or "buttons," beamed me in the KISSER with a tootsie roll pop! this was in front of CLIENTS!!! and I did not catch it with/in my smashed my lips into my teeth!! and I think I bled a little, on the inside...(sigh)

Is there anyone in the office that's sane? The upper floors don't fare much better. I had the wonderful opportunity of slapping my co-worker with a gym towel across the back of the head just a few days a ago. I did her a favor as she was hysterical at the time.

This is why I love the Slog, up-to-the-minute reporting on all the news worth knowing! Thanks for the smile.

I hear the Mariners are in desperate need of good fielders to help out this season's non-existant pitching. Based on Seling's repor, "Frizzelle" might be a good fit on the back of one of their jerseys, although I will admit I would love to hear the name Mudede! Mudede! Mudede! being screamed by 45,000 people down on the Seattle tideflats.


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