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Monday, March 27, 2006

From the Stranger Forums

Posted by on March 27 at 18:22 PM

therain writes in Stranger Forums

I went by the scene of the shooting this morning and talked to a couple of the young people gathered there. They were furious at the radio talkshow people who apparently have been blaming the victims and the whole rave scene for this atrocity. I just said that nothing I read in the mainstream media (including the Stranger, Weekly, Times, PI, KOMO, KING5, CBS etc) suggested there was anything about their community, the dance at CHAC or the party, that could explain this evil act. The kids were very appreciative of every gesture of kindness from the neighborhood and the more responsible media. But the support seems pretty skimpy, compared to the enormity of this trauma, especially as it affects some very young kids (young teen guys, too, not just girls). They all say they’re fine, they have each other, they can take care of each other… But they’re a bunch of traumatized grieving kids! Whole swarms of trauma debriefing specialists show up after school shootings and other disasters but here, the caring adults seem pretty scarce. I would say, don’t wait until the formal memorial service tomorrow, join the vigil at the scene tonight and show these young people that you care! And maybe bring something warm.

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I would very, very, very strongly suggest to these people that they NOT listen to any right-wing talk radio right now. god, I can't think of anything worse, except maybe some violent action movies. Get some counseling, talk to people, talk to each other, keep busy, keep engaged. Don't pretend it's not happening but don't hypnotize yourself either.

Dan, Thanks for posting this because I wanted to know what I could do to help but I am normally kind of shy.

I just returned from the vigil where I delivered 20 warm dick's burgers and met some of the kids and got a hug from one of them wearing a SUSHI visor.

They were grieving, and celebrating the lives of their friends, telling stories, dancing, and shivering. I met Joker who told me a funny story about Deacon that I don't feel is my place to relate.

These are great, sweet kids.
I didn't listen to Dori, but I know he can be a real bitch sometimes.

thanks, capitolhillneighbor. you have more fortitude than I.

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