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Monday, March 20, 2006

From The Can’t Help But Share Category

Posted by on March 20 at 11:59 AM

I just got one of those solicitation spam emails from someone named Ripely J. Herpes. Is this someone’s idea of unsuspicious?

Honestly, the names lately have been getting outrageous. Have the senders of these things given up on whatever scam first compelled them, and turned their efforts instead toward nomenclature performance art?

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I've actually taken to saving the ones with the unintentional abstract poetry at the bottom. You may have seen them - a short link and message about your mortgage or your girl's satisfaction rate, a few numbers, and then a chunk of what looks like the sender's novella-in-progress or a chunk of advice to fool the filters into thinking they have content.

A selection:
"alley the harrisburg it's a gamecock on but shakedown ! but cottony the in alternate but , kingston not a countrymen but see crises the"
"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.
Criticism comes easier than craftsmanship.
I could have gone on flying through space forever.
If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. "
"The gardners regret skiing well..
Mr. Hanson isn't practicing working.."
"Todays Quote:I waited and waited, and when no message came, I knew it must have been from you."
"What does Mommy/Daddy/Grandma/Papa do?
a last look at his wife and children, and watches the boat and there must be intercourse between the two families. "
"The robber turned to watch its fall and, filled with sudden anger, the boy grabbed the weapon, pointed it at his enemy, and pressed the button. Down tumbled the Turk, without a cry, and lay motionless at the foot of the wall
Rob's first thought was to search the pockets of his captive, and to his delight he found and recovered his box of food tablets"
"It was toward the middle of the eighth century b.c. when Amos strode from his fig groves and his pastures out onto the world stage. Amos was a businessman and therefore had an interest in the economy, but what he saw he didn't like. More importantly, God didn't like it either"

computer-generated, stream-of-consiousness, or plagarized?

Here is one in it's entirety:

"cigarette and a lighted match. As he lit up, the man grinned somehow
link below :))
more currency?' `He turned it all over the other time,' Madame Dunchil
foreigner's sweeping signature. The chairman also signed the contract. Here
except a small heap with black smoke pouring from it. Bringing her eye still"

Unfortunately, Speakeasy's spam filter is working too well lately - I seldom have to go through the spam folder anymore. I'm almost disappointed.

I said almost.

Hey! I do the same thing! This one just arrived as I was typing:

"may tiresome not framework and prorogue it's loomis , col in emigrate on edgerton , trombone but death may combine not regimentation and boston see descartes a worthy may turkey ! sutherland a annulled see motif but quartic may cairn some inorganic or movie on procedural on agribusiness a authoritative may ellipsis in guggenheim see barton but aldrich on currant and judicable and aural and isaacson."

y'all actually read the spam?

I got one from "Fascist H. Stabs"

They're just trying to bust the filters. The spammers are always three or four steps ahead. I support the death penalty.

y'all have surely seen this...

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