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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Enough is Enough

Posted by on March 21 at 12:14 PM

Listen up people. Stop being ignorant and read about a man whose mind is of this moment. Theory is still important.

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Anyone seeing anything besides a blank white page on that url?

maybe theory truly is empty, as the link leads to the blank white page of someone's mind.

super deep

Andd here I figured I was just too enlightened to be able to see the truth.

So Charles,

Where do you suggest we begin with Badiou? Was it that book called called "Evil"? Or are you jazzed by something more recent? Do you want to suggest a text and show up for a seminar next week - maybe at the Canterbury? Or a meeting room at a library? I'd dig it.

I didn't know the Communists still had currency in French intellectual circles.

Love the discussion idea, but no so sure about seminar. But more so, yeah, where to start with texts?

"stop being ignorant". . . lol. . . always good advice.

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