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Monday, March 27, 2006

In Much Lighter News: Duck Butter

Posted by on March 27 at 0:04 AM

Last weekend, I avoided the psychic anguish of the third anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom by hiding out in Margo Jefferson’s book On Michael Jackson.

This past weekend I tried repeating the trick, attempting to temper the horrors of Saturday morning with another new Jacko book—Diane Dimond’s down-and-dirty Be Careful Who You Love: Inside the Michael Jackson Case.

It didn’t really work—horrifying massacres in your own zip code are more difficult to ignore than tragedies in the middle east—but Be Careful Who You Love taught me at least one thing I’ll never forget, no matter how many curbs I bang my face against.

The revelation comes from a transcript of a therapy session with Jackson’s ‘93 accuser Jordan Chandler, who was 13 at the time. In addition to specifying the types of physical lovemaking Jacko allegedly exposed him to, Chandler also shared Jacko’s preferred euphemism for semen, which you may find in the subject line of this post.


P.S. If what Jordie Chandler told the therapist is true, Jackson was quite a fan of duck butter, allegedly ingesting it with gusto.

Blet times a million.

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Duck Butter (noun)
A slang term for semen after it exits a womens anus after anal sex.


I was under the impression that "duck butter" was a euphemism for smegma.

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