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Sunday, March 5, 2006

DJ Paul Is A Dog…

Posted by on March 5 at 22:38 PM

Yeeeahh! I just wanna send a congratu-fuckin-lations to Three 6 Mafia- who not only had 2005’s best song in “Stay Fly”, but tonight won a goddamn Oscar. Not bad for a druggy, thuggy Memphis rap crew with Satanic affectations. For a sec I thought it was just a promethazine-induced fantasy.

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seeing the words "it's hard out here for a pimp" across the oscar stage marquee was pretty great, as was the shout out to jesus. definitely one of the highlights of this year's boondoggle.

I like the fact that the Oscar producers were leaning on the "dump" button like a mother fucker when 'Mafia' won.

Don't get it twisted! Three Six is a Memphis rap group. That pic you posted is actually from the first CD of theirs I bought. They also put out the B.O.N.E.D.I.S. tape, which they hussled straight out of their trunk. I'm stoked for them winning an award. They could really use the exposure.

oh man. i deserve to get my Project Pat CD's confiscated. Correcting...

I hate to be a kill joy...... but I think celebrating selling people is wrong. If a white woman were singing a song complainging about how difficult it is to sell black men..... well.

What are you talking about?
Did you even see the movie?

I didn't see the movie, I'm not Black, and I just don't get it. What exactly was redeeming/edifying about the pimp song/presentation for the African American community? I was embarassed (sp?) for Queen Latifa, who I have always seen as a class act, having to follow their song, mumbling some apologetic thing about "chitty-chitty-bang-bang." I believe there's a time and place for everything (MTV2 maybe?), and I just saw their show as tasteless.

right. no one said it was edifying for the black community. the race discussion here is suspect. it was a great moment for hiphop heads to see some of their own get an oscar- and not because an oscar means jack shit, either. because it's very gratifying to see the mainstream grudgingly aknowledge some brothers that are not compromising their shit in the least. that's the secret 'fuck you' that was in jamie fox and queen latifah's hearts that night.

How often has The Academy recognized the work of an actress for portraying a prostitute?

But these guys aren't supposed to broach the subject in their respective medium and receive any recognition, right?

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