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Monday, March 27, 2006

Correction: Total is seven

Posted by on March 27 at 11:30 AM

It appears that the shooter killed just six people before killing himself. Initially, our information was that three victims were transported to Harborview and that one died soon after arriving and that another, with life-threatening injuries, died later that day. It appears now that this was the same person.

Harborview Medical Center is reporting that two victims remain in “satisfactory condition.”

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The Stranger is the only place doing any real reporting on this event. Thanks for the constant updates.

C'mon, Phat. The Stranger finally corrects its own erroneous report and you say they're "the only place doing any real reporting"?

Actually, the Stranger is just the only news source that's just putting up everything they hear without investigating or verifying it first. I think there's some value to that -- I'm reading it, anyway -- but it's not professional news reporting.

The slog isn't about professional news reporting -- nor, really, are any blogs. It's all about getting the information out there as quickly as possible, and getting the community involved. I'm really, really impressed with the way the Stranger's approached this tragedy.

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