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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cops Tour Blog, Installment 3

Posted by on March 21 at 13:22 PM

Written by drummer David Weeks on March 20th, 2006, at 1:19am, just outside Little Rock, AR

Thursday, March 16th

We sleep in ‘til noon, then slam mimosas and run out the door to catch GoGoGo Airheart. After only a few minutes on 7th street, we run into several Seattle music folks. Michael is in the bar chatting with our distributor, while John, Brian and I greet the likes of Johnny Sangster, Kwab and Shay from the Sunset in Ballard. A few minutes later, Mark Pickerel and Kate Becker from Vera Project join the mix. John, Kwab and Dave look for a way into the “secret” Beastie Boys show. We decide a 3-hour wait isn’t worth it, and head to Ironworks Barbeque for some proper Texas fair. After lunch we run into the goddamn Beastie Boys and stop for a pic. Nice folks but Adam Yauch prefers not to be touched. We jump into our van Falco and head to The Vice Magazine party. We hear great stuff from Fatal Flying Guilloteens—crushing! Being poor and on tour, we head to Mike’s sisters for more cheap Lonestar.

Friday, March 17th
We spend all day Friday at the beautiful Big Red Sun for the Mt. Fuji Records bash. We arrive early to greet the beer man. John sets up the PA and our label-mates, Little Brazil, kick off the show by noon.

Tim Seely looks every bit like Don Henley while playing Dave’s kit. After we play, the party kicks into high gear with a bomb-ass set by Seattle’s Saturday Knights! Mike’s sister Keri manages to join them on stage. The party was packed and everyone was dancing and getting drunk. Slender Means close the night with a strong set that was abbreviated when all power cut out. It was an unfortunate end to an awesome party.

Saturday, March 18th

Our final day in Austin had us playing the 2nd annual Mt. Fuji/Sonic Boom/Control Group/Thingmakers party at the Longbranch Inn. The sky pisses down rain all day. We manage a solid crowd and go through several cases of beer donated from New Belgium. The whole day was filled with great music including sets from Wintergreen, Slender Means, Little Brazil and the Cops - all bands on Mt Fuji. Jason Hughes label, Sonic Boom Recordings, is well-represented with blistering sets by U.S.E. and Conner, the label’s newest signing. Bremerton kids Lonely H, our Seattle homies Schoolyard Heroes, and the handsome Danes in Figurines pay their dues for the Control Group, a label run by Nabil Ayers of Sonic Boom.

The showcase was a smash and many great Seattle people show up to rock with us. Dana from Three Imaginary Girls, Rachel and Ben from Visqueen, Bethany from Pirate Radio, and Kyla Fairchild of Hattie’s Hat and No Depression are just a few of the many friends we see. The Longbranch show wraps up as the sun goes down. Mike heads out to see Whirlwind Heat, Battle, and Superchunk; the rest of us head home and sleep.

Sunday, March 19th

Sunday is the start of our 26-hour drive to Philadelphia. We leave tornado warnings in Austin end our day in Little Rock, driving through intense rain all day. Note to self: No beers sales on in Arkansas on Sundays. Tomorrow we race a serious storm front on our way to Philly.

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Why in the hell did I go to work today?! Thanks for coming through Philly... It was great to see you guys play. Next time though... The Cops @ The Crazy Fish, Fishtown, PA

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