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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Chaos In The Streets!

Posted by on March 8 at 11:15 AM

Yesterday, because I had never been, I took a daytrip up to Bellingham. It’s a nice enough little town, with burritos (at Casa Que Pasa) that are far better than anything Seattle has to offer. It seems as though the whole town is still shellshocked due to the fact that there are now shiny new parking meters on every single street that’s anywhere near downtown. But I also noticed that most of the parking meters with cars in front of them hadn’t been paid, and a litle investigative eavesdropping in a secondhand clothing store revealed why: apparently, according to local rumor, Bellingham’s sole meter maid is on extendend sick leave due to a bad case of bursitis. If you want to go to Bellingham and park with unpaid fucking abandon, this could be your last chance: it’s like Grand Theft Auto starring Dagwood Bumstead. Sometimes I miss living in places that aren’t cities.

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You link to a JOHN MELLENCAMP song? Barf-o.

Bellingham's neat, if you're dead. And Seattle's got far better burritos than Bellingham. Just not at Taco Del Mar. Try the taco truck on Northgate Way across the freeway from the mall, or any of several hundred others.

Dude, Bellingham is too a city! I call snobbery!

Check your facts, buddy.

Bellingham employs at least four parking-meter-readers, with many more trolling the campus of Western Washington University on Sehome Hill. I believe three are women (aka, "maids"), and one is a grumpy old guy.

More info: (360) 676-6706

Real "grown up" newspapers actually do real grown-up reporting, Paul.

Yeah EB, posting about some random thing that happened to you over the weekend on a message board is totally "reporting".

get your internets terms correck sucka. this is a blog. a message board is also known as a forum, but a blog is not usually equated to a message board/forum. many blogs spefically news blogs and political blogs are expected to act with journalistic integrity.

this stranger slog, usually seems to attept to provide news items outside of/in conjunction with the print stranger. therefor, it would make sense for stranger blog posters to not post blog entries peppered with factual errors.

their not just squabbling in a flamewar on a message board.


wrote it five times i should be cured now ..

"sorry" about totally fubaring my terminology.

Indeed, the Stranger uses the Slog to post breaking news items or to comment on larger issues being reported elsewhere. But there is an obvious difference between breaking news and "I overheard some shit at a store". See "Pornographic Inspiration", "This Isn’t Important", "Boobies Bounce!", and "I’m Sitting in a Hotel Lobby" for examples of what I mean.

Can you really not see the difference? It seems so, so clear.

Wow. I didn't even think to check back to see if there were comments until now. Sorry about the "Cougar" Mellencamp lyrics link, but I had the goddamn song stuck in my head all day yesterday. As everyone knows, the only way to get a song out of one's head is to pass it along to someone else.
And, um, Ex-Bellingham: if I ever actually do do a real, "grown-up" journalistic piece, rather than the critic-at-large stuff I've always done for The Stranger, I'll be sure to ask you to do the fact-checking work. Very...thorough, indeed.

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