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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Brokeback Marriages. No, really.

Posted by on March 7 at 14:53 PM

The NYTimes has an article on gay men in straight marriages, or Brokeback Marriages.

I’m not sure how I’d feel if a man I married liked to have sex with men. Probably competitive. We’d either wind up divorced or with score cards.

Here’s a touching quote from a husband who struck a balance between having sex with men, and caring for his wife as cancer munched on her fallopian tubes pacman-style:

“I am totally committed on all levels to Paulette. I felt so intimate with her when I was caring for her during her cancer treatments to me, that’s a stronger expression of love than whether I’m having anonymous sex with a man.”

Sweet sentiment, but that’s not the speech any girl would want to hear on her golden anniversary. Cheers to you, Paulette.

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Brokeback marriages? Sounds more like Tom-Kat marriages. Picture Tom Cruise busting Oprah's couch telling her exactly what he and his wife both love.

Those marriages probably work for women who don't like sex.

"I had no suspicions whatsoever. He's very masculine looking. It's not like he had Barbra Streisand or show tunes on."

Can someone explain why a liking for show tunes is supposed to be overtly gay? If I'm not mistaken, a majority of popular songs now regarded as American standards were first written for stage or screen productions. At least until the 1950s, that was about the only profitable market for selling a song or lyric.

You're right there is nothing gay about show tunes. Barbara Streisand on the other hand..

it's sad that so many clueless straight people associate "show tunes" (i.e., the Great American Songbook) with Barbra Streisand, who might be the worst singer who ever lived, and certainly never really had much to do with that songbook.

I'm reasonably certain that Frank Sinatra wasn't gay.

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