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Sunday, March 5, 2006

Brokeback Bummer

Posted by on March 5 at 20:40 PM

I realize it’s not unprecedented for the Academy to split awards between two pictures for the Best Director and Best Picture categories, but FUCK. When Brokeback won Best Director, I thought it was locked up.

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Why is it a big deal?
Crash was a really good film, too.
The difference between first and second is millimeters.

Crash was a horrible film. It's storyline relied on all of it's characters acting like idiots as and when the plot required, and TBH it might as well have had a sign visible on screen at all times reading "Subtext: Racism is teh bad". It SUCKED.

Fair enough RAW DATA, not a big deal, but it would have theoretically silenced the "Brokeback" jokes, if only for a few days. And come on--that's way more exciting the "Philadelphia" winning. Now that was a shitty movie with purportedly liberal themes.

I apologize for the horrible things I just thought about you in my mind for mentioning "Philadelphia". Ugh.

thank you for thinking Crash sucked. i found its disdain for me the viewer to be offensive.
as to it winning over Brokeback, i immediately thought, "i guess america is more ready to hear white people talk about race, than it is to hear straight people talk about homosexuality."

Did the Academy puss out in handing Best Picture to "Crash"? Probably.

However, let's remember what an award show is supposed to do: advertise works that aren't mainstream. Given that, instead of saying, "Wow, Brokeback won" and all the dialogue that would follow, we have...well, what we have now. Crash deserved to win, it didn't deserve to win, the Academy triumphed, the Academy pussed out.

both films are going to do well after tonight's show. there will be renewed interest in "Crash" and "Brokeback." and let's face it...whether or not you agree "crash" was a great picture, I think we can ALL agree that we would rather have a film that tries too hard to make a point about something adult than another "Dukes of Hazzard."

No Chris, in this case I'd rather have Dukes of Hazzard.

Crash was a horrible movie with lofty pretensions. Dukes of Hazzard I haven't seen, but I'm going to guess it was crap that had little pretension.

Crash was a film about white liberal guilt and how we're all really racists, but sometimes even racists can do good, i.e. Matt Dillon's character. Oh the tragic irony. It was preachy, self-righteous gobbldy gook that enabled wealthy Academy members to feel good without taking any risks or second guessing their assumptions. Crap.

Well, John, you're in luck. With all the money it made the first time around, it's highly probable they'll make Dukes of Hazzard 2. I'll buy ya a ticket, as well as reserve your seat for the upcoming Magnum P.I. movie.

WTF? is this osme kind of movie version of Bushs "You're either with us or against us" speach? If you don't love Crash then Dukes of Hazzard has won?

crash is shit.

I saw Crash this weekend. It was good and all but it has been done. You don't feel much of a connection to any of the characters. I think Brikeback was a far better movie and something different. I am disapointed!

Even though Crash is about Los Angeles and takes place within the entertainment industry, the film has no identifiable Gay or Lesbian characters.

Which suggests that some of the prejudice occurred behind the camera.

Brokeback is overrated. It's still an above average romance but once you take away the novelty of being a gay cowboy movie, you're not left with Best Picture material.

That's no excuse for Crash winning though.

Out the films nominated, I would've gone with Good Night & Good Luck but I think the better films didn't get nominated.

My wife and I watched Crash early last year. After the film, we looked at each other and said "well that really sucked." What are the odds of all that coincidental BS actually happening. I was shocked to even see it nominated. It did hit a good point of racism in this country. It shows how racism is not always just white on black. We all find it hard at times to understand people who don't look or talk like us. In the end we are all the same. We all have the same feelings and emotions.
Aside from this, the movie was crap. It in no way even compaired Brokeback Mountain and to see it win makes me lose faith in the Academy.

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