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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Bonus Letter to the Editor

Posted by on March 7 at 11:33 AM

We got a letter that we’re not going to print in the paper because we haven’t been able to confirm the identity of its author. Still, Charles wrote a smart little response, which should see the light of day:

EDITOR: Charles Mudede got his fundamental facts right [“The Animal in You,” Feb 23], but in the body of his article he repeatedly got one fundamental fact wrong, when he referred over and over again to “horse fucking” and “horse fuckers.” My unfortunate late nonconformist buddy Ken did not fuck horses, at least as far as I know: The stallion he and his playmates called Big Dick fucked Ken, not the other way around. That said, I’d like to thank The Stranger for publishing that vivacious and educational article.
Name Withheld

CHARLES MUDEDE RESPONDS: Sir, I do not recognize the passive/active (or fucked/fucker) distinction for one reason: It is, at root, sexist. The passive/active binary constructs a meaning that makes it impossible for women to be fuckers. They can only be fucked. No matter what the position or arrangement is, for me fucking is just fucking.

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fuckin' right.

what about "pegging?"

The construction is not sexist, and frankly, it's sexist for Mudede to assume that it is. Women are perfectly capable of "fucking," as the phenomenon of "bend-over boyfriends" makes clear.

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