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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Blog of the Day

Posted by on March 22 at 11:48 AM

Seattle Weekly staffer Philip Dawdy has a blog: Furious Seasons. It’s actually a good read, and I was amazed to discover that Philip and I are in agreement about Scientology, pot, and some other issues. There are also lots of interesting posts about metnal illness. Furious Seasons doesn’t have permalinks, so you’ll just have to go read through the whole thing to get Philip’s thoughts on these and other issues.

Philip’s blog also offers some insight into morale at ye olde Seattle Weekly:

Why am I doing this? Why am I on this earth? Why am I a writer and not a stockbroker? Why am I never going to get ahead? And so on. I had planned to ask those sorts of broad, public questions earlier today when I posted my 200th entry on this blog. But I spaced it. And now I am on post #204 or something like that. In terms of words, that works out to over 40,000 words—the length of a short book—in less than six months. That’s on top of my day job, where I have churned out 30,000 words in the same period. 70,000 words. Why do I do it? What does it get me? How does it improve my life to work that hard?

It doesn’t sadly. This was driven home to me in a few ways today. One, my bosses declined to pay for treatment to a muscle injured suffered on the job due to an improper workstation and my insurance won’t cover it and worker’s comp will take forever and they’ll likely fight it, even though the fix is $300 to $400. Basically I was told to stuff it. I pointed out to my bosses in my emailed reply that my salary hasn’t kept pace with inflation. I got 3 percent last year and that’s what I have been told to expect this year…. What’s more, my rent has gone up 10 percent this year, my student loan payment has gone up by 20 percent and now much of my raise will go to dealing with something my bosses should be footing the bill for….

I know I should be blogging about how the US Senate just passed a bill undoing all the mental health parity in the 35 states that have it, but I need a drink.

It’s a not a stiff drink, but maybe a picture of a workstation at The Stranger will make Philip feel better about his workstation at Seattle Weekly. This is Bradley Steinbacher’s desk. Brad’s been with The Stranger for 13 years. So has his chair.

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I think i see Jaegermeister and Fat Tire on Bradley's desk. Those should more than make up for any other shortcomings of his workstation.

Oh, my god, that chair is so illegal. Four leg rollie chairs were banned by OSHA like ten years ago. Five is the minimum. Every time he sits in that chair, the Stranger is breaking the law.

Dawdy needs to get on the horn to the state L&I pronto. Not paying for that injury is also against the law, and a successful L&I claim, which will NOT be difficult to bring, will fuck up the Weekly's insurance and L&I payments big time.

I'd love to see everyone else's workstations. What are you hiding Dan? I bet Cienna is a neat freak. At least Bradley's desk makes me feel a lot better about myself.

Gee, seeing that pathetic workspace would even cheer an Abu Ghraib prisoner up.

By the way, Dan, I just noticed this online regarding former Spokane mayor Jim West;

So, Dan: when's he start? ;-)

My chair has five legs. It's good to be the king.

Where's the bong?

It's on my desk.

if you click on the time his post, it will give you a permalink...

Ah, someone at your paper finally located my blog. Geez, took ya 6 months. Since I posted my little rant, my desk situation has improved (it's all about the heights of things), but thanks for caring, Dan. And my back is so much better.

BTW, Dan, you and I agree on a lot more than you'd guess. Also, for the technologically-impaired, my site does have permalinks, but the way I have my MT set-up (default settings), you have to click on the time of the post to access the permalink.

As for Brad's chair...yikes!

Ah, thanks for the info, Mr. D. Enjoy your new desk.

Hey, Philip, I can help with your workstation ergonomics. It IS about the heights of things, and also about lining things up. "Ergonomic" furniture is mostly garbage; I've never seen a desk yet that understood that the center of a keyboard is between G and H, not the center of the whole unit. Prop the tips of your elbows. And 99% of all the monitors in the world are set way too high, especially for old farts with bifocals.

You know the UW is selling surplus desks, chairs, and equipment all the time. You guys don't hafta live like this. Not if you have an extra $10 or $15. Of course, you'd have to find someone willing to cart Brad's old desk away...

Nah, not a new desk, Mr. S., just a new chair and a new height for my work surface. It ain't nothing fancy--ask Erica, since it used to be her cube.

FNARF: no bifocals here, buddy.

Philip: My chair only LOOKS miserable. It's actually quite comfortable -- though, according to FNARF it's illegal.

looks more like a torture device to me...but if it works for ya, go with it. no matter what, bad backs are no laughing matter. why just last year ww's jaquiss was returning to portland after getting his big award, thinking to himself 'i am due for a fall.' within weeks he was having a disk in his back replaced...the result of too many years of sitting in a chair. here's to healthy vertebrae!

Labour of love, eh guys?

(forget UW Michael - these people work right above a Value Village!!)

That workstation sure made ME feel better. Also awe.

I used to have the worst desk set up ever - a kitchen counter posing as a desk, with the keyboard practically at shoulder height. The best part was that it faced an Ergonimics poster, displaying everything my desk wasn't. Then another worker left and I moved "up" to a desk that looks a lot like Bradley's. And I'm a reporter too. hah!

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