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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bjørk is to Barney as John is to Yoko

Posted by on March 29 at 10:17 AM

Two weeks ago, I wrote here about the release of the trailer for Matthew Barney’s new film, Drawing Restraint 9, which can be found here and which features the Cremaster cycle artist in wedded bliss wiith his real-life babymama, Bjørk.

Thanks to a tip from Nick (thanks!) and confirmation from the theater, we now know that Drawing Restraint 9 is opening at the Varsity May 19. Today’s NYTimes had a glowing review of the thing by Stephen Holden, who wrote that the film “might be called (Barney’s) Moby Dick,” and that Bjørk is a good influence on Barney, whose oeuvre heretofore has been marked by an “obsession with athleticism, competition and fertility rites (that) has sometimes taken on fascistic overtones.”

Holden finishes with this:

If (Barney’s) auspicious collaboration with Bjork has little in common with that of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, who met on the border of pop music and fine art, there is one fundamental similarity. Bjork infuses Mr. Barney’s architectural concepts with emotion in much the same way that Lennon’s emotion warmed up and helped popularize Ms. Ono’s abstractions.


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So, I know who Bjork is, but who the hell is this barney guy?

Barney attended one of the screenings at the Waverly in NY. Any chance of him doing the same here?

Also, FWIW, John Lennon did some of his most inspired, guitar work on the Plastic Ono Band records and Mindtrain rocks!

BTW, a quick glance at Rotten Tomatoes reveals that Variety loved it whereas The Village Voice hated it. What a world!

Oh Bjork, my Bjork...

How could you hook up with that art-world poseur when I have so much to offer you...?

My hairy chest, my non-profit job, my longing for justice, affection for kittens and life-long respect for all things Elfin and Icelandic...

It could have been so beautiful...

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