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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Posted by on March 23 at 17:37 PM

The title song on The Boy with the Arab Strap has nothing to do with the sex toy; the song is inspired by a trip to London that Belle and Sebastian took with Scottish post-funk indie band Arab Strap. According to this book, Arab Strap singer Aidan Moffat was pissed to be immortalized as such—although, frankly, Moffat’s issue seems a bit odd. It’s a font issue. “Arab Strap was on the front of their album in bigger letters than Belle and Sebastian, and that isn’t fucking cricket. I’m sure they’d be pissed off if we called our next album ‘Belle and Sebastian’…” In an interview with, Moffat added: “There’s a limit to putting someone else’s name on an album. They’re taking something away from us.”

[This has been a Belle and Sebastian Fact of the Day. As fate would have it, Arab Strap are also playing in Seattle this week. Isn’t life delicious?]

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thank goodness for the basfotd. I'd always assumed that Arab Strap was a reference to the Belle & Sebastian album instead of the other way around. Maybe this is why they weren't so keen on being name checked in an album title?

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