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Friday, March 31, 2006


Posted by on March 31 at 20:21 PM

Ah, Friday night at The Stranger… Finally, the Slog is mine. The “writers” are all off getting drunk, and I’m basking in reclaimed bandwidth (and beer). Things that make a tech geek happy.

This video is, sadly, an ad for a Sony TV. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that before you watched it. Still, I find it strangely soothing and beautiful after a long week, not least because someone had to pick up those 250,000 bouncy balls, and it wasn’t me. Oh, and I want one of those TVs.

(Click image to watch video. Requires a recent version of quicktime. Don’t have it? Get it.)

Okay, okay.. forget that.. Check THIS out. A Disney-produced video from 1973 on the dangers of venereal disease, featuring ominous little animated syphilis and gonorrhea germs being led into battle by some weird semi-translucent germ general, who encourages them to “make every day, V-D DAY!”. It’s suprisingly frank about sexuality for it’s time, including casual references to homosexuality, condom use, and .. uhh.. “strange” discharges. Enjoy!

disney vd video

Maybe you should watch the bouncing balls video again now.

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Who's the band on the Sony commercial?

Who's the band on the Sony commercial?

"hearbeats" by Jose Gonzalez

No matter the author, everything at The Stranger always comes back to balls and VD.

oh my god we totally had to watch this in my junior high health class. it is the fantasia of vd prevention.

heartbeats is sung by jose gonzalez, but is not "by" him. the original, funkier, minimal techno version is by the swedish band, the knife. you can find it and all of there hits on itunes.

i know it's personal taste and all, and seattle loves them the singer-songwriters, but the original is much better then the nick drake wannabe version.

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