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Monday, March 27, 2006

Another victim identified.

Posted by on March 27 at 8:55 AM

According to the Seattle Times story posted early Saturday morning, one young partygoer was still unaccounted for after the shootings.

Nancie Thorne, whose 15-year-old daughter, Suzanne, was in the house when the man opened fire said she learned about what happened when Suzanne’s 18-year-old boyfriend called her this morning.

“It’s the worst phone call a mom can get,” said Thorne, who went to the Capitol Hill home after getting the call.

She said she doesn’t know where Suzanne is now.

A source close to Suzanne has confirmed that she is dead.

One source smiled when she recalled seeing Suzane at the party. “She had a mohawk,” she said. “Her face was really pretty. I said, ‘That’s so cool, I think I want to shave my head now!’”

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My wife's name is Nancy, and my last name -- but not hers -- is vaguely similar to Thorne. We got a call this morning from a dim bulb in the Fox News "fact-checking" department (who knew they had one?) wanting to know if Nancy was THAT Nancie. She's not. But the call creeped me out. Oh, that poor woman; she's already had her round with the media, before she even found out. This is gonna be a tough year for her.

I think this is the same Suzanne Thorne (age 12 in 2003):

Fnarf, lots of weirdnesses for many of us. I lived in the Town and Country apartments some years ago, and before that I lived in a house next door to the house on 21st and E Republican.

I should warn all my neighbors, I suppose.

I really feel sorry for Nancie Thorne's loss of her daughter, and I don't know the dynamics of their relationship. What keeps going through my head....what the hell is a 15-year old girl doing out all night??

Yeah, it's a bad idea, but the punishment for being dumb or disobedient or whatever shouldn't be death.

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