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Sunday, March 5, 2006

A Much Better Bout of Shaking Just Happened….

Posted by on March 5 at 19:50 PM

…while Philip Seymour Hoffman was accepting Best Actor. Yeah, I would have enjoyed hearing what Joaquin Phoenix would have said and watching the frothy media aftermath to a Heath Ledger win, but Hoffman was sweetly humble and watching that envelope flutter in his hand after Hillary Swank (girl, eat a sandwich) gave him his statuette was lovely.

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Hilary is skinny, but I couldn't help thinking what a better June Carter she might--might--have made than trembly little Reese Witherspoon. Oscar, sure, she's the perfect type, but Reese is about 1/1000th as tough a broad as June Carter was, and it shows. They needed someone with TEETH to make that movie. And guts. But then, there isn't a Hollywood actress alive with the guts of June Carter.

Agreed. That's an interesting question: who would come close in that category? Perhaps a genetic mutation of Ellen Burstyn and Francis McDormand? For what it's worth, Reese was astonishing in "Freeway". Too bad she hasn't done something as impressive since.

Ellen Burstyn, that's getting close. Today? Nothing, not even close. But then, I'm a bitter old cynic, and I think the current generation of Hollywood actors is incredibly thin and pathetic--as befits a thin and pathetic culture overall.

FNARF Wrote:
"They needed someone with TEETH to make that movie. And guts. But then, there isn't a Hollywood actress alive with the guts of June Carter"

You absolutely hit the nail on the head, FNARF. Perfect.


Thank you, Mr. Interceptor. June Carter's a big favorite in our house. Johnny Cash's probably better suited for the mythological treatment, starting with the fact he had a penis, but June was a more interesting musician and a whole lot tougher than Johnny was. People forget that she brought a hell of a lot bigger legacy to their marriage than he did. That's not a criticism of Johnny Cash, but the fact that June wasn't a victim and didn't "suffer beautifully" makes her less interesting to a mass audience.

Now, if they would only make a movie about MAYBELLE Carter....

but who the fuck could play maybelle carter? that was one FIERCE woman. if there's no june, there sure as shit is no maybelle. she might rise from the grave to smack the crap out of anyone who tried to play her in a movie.

so who could play june's mix of wit, charm, and hard-assed grace?

The problem is you can't get a job in Hollywood unless you're pretty. Actors and actresses are far, far pretty than they used to be. But normal people--the subjects of movies, one hopes--are the same old schlubs they ever were, if not actually uglier than before. I know I'm a lot uglier than I was ten or twenty years ago.

back to the beginning: hillary swank didn't look skinny to me. maybe i was distracted by her tits, but she seemed well in the normal range. lost some muscle tone since million $ baby, but she's not in the anorexic brigade.

tragically, hillary has no tits. puffy nipples, maybe. that was a fantastic illusion created by her perfectly gorgeous dress. i thought -- hillary has boobs? since when? then noticed it was the dress. she looked amazing, though.
but she is too thin, they are all too thin, but i think her giant mandibles make it appears worse than it is. . .

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