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Friday, February 3, 2006

Vatican On Line Three!

Posted by on February 3 at 11:41 AM

Georgia10 makes a great point over at Daily Kos:

.What we should remember as this story unfolds is that the tensions between religious sensitivities and free speech is not limited to the borders of Europe and the Muslim world. Within our own borders, we have repeatedly witnessed the protesting of art by religious groups who perceive the works to be blasphemy.  Perhaps the starkest example of this occurred in the late 1990s with Chris Ofili’s “The Virgin Mary”.  Ofili’s painting depicted the Virgin Mary surrounded by elephant dung.  Ofili’s painting was so controversial, the gallery that exhibited it almost lost its funding.  More recently, religious groups protested the (now canceled) television show “The Book of Daniel” because of its “anti-Christian bigotry.”, and several local affiliates refused to air the show.  In Russia too, the tension between free press and religious sensitivity has come into sharp relief. Last year, a museum director in Russia was convicted and fined for “inciting religious hatred” with their presentations of “Caution! Religion.”  (the artist was acquitted. See his art here). The convicted museum directors just filed an appeal with the European Court of Human Rights.

Point taken.

Oh, I also loved this bit of her post…

Unfortunately, it appears the controversy is growing instead of dying down. Saudi Arabia’s interior minister has called upon the Vatican to intervene and prevent publication of the cartoons.

Is that how they think it works? Editors and writers sitting around waiting for marching orders from the Vatican?

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good thing us heathens don't follow orders from the white castle over in rome.

Point taken.

You gotta think there is a small diff between civil protest and an entire religion convulsing in fits of apolexy over a so-so cartoon.

Just a teensy eensy bit, perhaps.

What has been the Saudi response when people complain about cartoons in Saudi papers -- which are totally controlled by the government -- that depict, just as a for instance, Jews eating Arab babies -- as they do ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

Oh, I said point taken—the reaction of our local Christers are idjiotic. I didn't say they were comparable. But we should bear in mind that we have a problem in this country with theocratic-minded whackjobs too.

I'd like to see these cartoons, or at least one of them (big enough so you can read it), plus something making fun of Jaysus as well, in next week's Stranger. I think every print outlet has to stand with the Danish paper to defend the fundamental right of freedom of the press against attacks, whether they're coming from Riyadh or Washington DC.

PS -- Buddha is a big fat dummy.

here's an interesting interview that points out that denmark is experiencing a little rise in fascism. which may account for some of the sensitivity/insanity of muslim populations there. all in a funny article about a funny guy. . .

But we should bear in mind that we have a problem in this country with theocratic-minded whackjobs too.

The diff being that we've worked out ways and methods to handle disputes. We've got whackjobs - bless their hearts the place would lack something if we didn't - but we handle disputes and problems within a framework of civility and commonsense.

I know - this is obvious. But I wonder sometimes if the sense of how alien their viewpoint is from the Western norm really comes across to your average man in the street out there in Seattle.

yes. we give our whackjobs the presidency here so we can keep an eye on them. it's all under control here, no need to fret.

i absolutely agree there are differences, i wouldn't begin to deny it - there whackjobs are bigger than ours. but our whackjobs are more powerful, and their influence greater.

and the differences aren't nearly as profound or as clear as they should be. it is easy to pretend in a city like seattle that things are all under control and everyone is reasonable. but when 37% of people who were polled nationwide recently were satisfied with the idea of teaching intelligent design and evolution side by side, things are *not being managed so neatly as you suggest.

it can be fun to say that oour president is an idiot and we can all chuckle and roll our eyes, but there a lot of young people growing up in a country where the news leads them to believe that intelligent design is at least worthy of discussion. that would be our country.

we do not have our whack jobs in hand. and it might be reasonable at this point to fear that they have us in theirs.

What the hell is the Vatican supposed to do? It certainly won't stop publication in Scandinavia, they're all Protestant.

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