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Thursday, February 9, 2006

They kicked off NICK?!

Posted by on February 9 at 12:36 PM

Are you serious? Yeah, his suit looked like shit, but at least his was FINISHED! Santino’s garment was glued to the poor woman’s body and falling apart before she even hit the runway! And then he lied about it! Christ. Way to blow it, Project Runway.

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how did he lie about it?

So wrong for so many reasons. The lies about how the jumpsuit got all torn up should have been reason enough to boot him off. And, really, who thinks to design a damn JUMPSUIT in 2006 anyway? Ugh.

Lie #1: When the judges asked Kara if she was comfortable, she stayed silent. Santino blurted out that she was just nervous and that she was really happy with it before they went on the runway.
Lie #2: When the judges asked why the shoulder was ripped and the arm about to fall off, Santino said Kara was jumping around excited backstage. In fact, Santino just didn't get around to finishing it and actually told Kara not to move at all because it would fall apart.
Evil Santino.

Not only that, but Kara looked so uncomfortable wearing the damn thing that it made me cringe. A lumpy brown jumpsuit is as close as you can get to a polished turd on the runway. And Santino polished that one up real nice.

Yes, Nick did better than Santino, but I'm glad they kept him around. He's entertaining as hell. Who else injects "where the HELL is my chiffon?" in the middle of someone else's bitch rant? Designer-wise he's nowhere near the best, but entertainment value he rocks. He's the pissy arrogant queen everyone loves to hate.

Yeah, I lost some respect for Santino last nite with his behavior on the runway. The only thing I could think of that would negate your Lie #2 is that the producers edited out the jumping around. There would be a reason to do this, simply to make Santino appear all the more evil.

Frankly I thought the jumpsuit looked pretty cool, despite the removable arm issue. And Nick, while great fun, was in over his head on this show.

Santino = Good TV

The producers are the hidden judges. That's it.

andrae said "where the hell is my chiffon."

I agree that Santino should have gotten the boot. Both he and Nick made bad fabric choices but at least Nick's garments were finished. The only positive thing one could say about Santino's was that it wasn't another of those damned over done bustiers with a skirt attached, which is all the rest of his dresses were.

Come on folks - fashun an be the reinvent of a garment - the jumpsuit. I wa a perfect fit for her figure, could com back to some new vogue, I like it.

Sloppy sewing on this whole series is not new. At least creative.

Go, Santion, blow us away next task.

Nicks garment was a mess from color to fit to concept.

Every woman in my family could sew some like that with pockets, buttons, good drape, wonderful fabric, tailored to the max on the best model in the show.

Pretty boy - slim and elegant - with a good haricut, finally -- and, oh those eyes.

Done right it could have been a David Bowie sorta reto, mondern, but just as elegant as Bowie was in the old days.And, Davie wah a hottie, just like pretty boy.

Santino is a jackass. As I've said before, it's the Jerry Springer effect, and he is being kept around by greedy producers pandering to the lowest common denominator.

This was the fourth time Santino has been in the bottom two and the fourth time that he has been spared for the sake of dramatic intrigue. I am so happy that Daniel V tells Santino that the producers decision was the wrong one in the next episode.

Ironically, this exemplifies the worst part of our society in which liars and cheaters and all around bad people succeed and are rewarded for their actions.

they have sewed their models into the garments many many times in a time crunch. this is no news that santino wasn't finished. and he DESIGNED kara's outfit for him which the judges loved. he picked the fabric, the pantalon idea, and helped her add touches to accent the visual appeal.

nick was definetly over his head and his fabric was too femme. shame on him for making a mess of daniel v. that boy should always look like gold.

besides, it doesn't matter. let santino make an ass of his fashion week collection. better to let daniel v prove his sainthood.

I like Santino. When i hung out at The Hole in the Wall in San Francisco back in the nineties, I would see him, but found him unapproachable. Never saw him shitfaced though...

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