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Friday, February 10, 2006

The Kids Ain’t All Right

Posted by on February 10 at 14:36 PM

Evidently our little lampooning of last week’s “War on Saint Valentine’s Day” protest didn’t go over well with the dullards doing the protesting. From their site:


We had our successful protest at Westlake, got interviewed by Q13 Fox, but never heard a word from the Seattle Times, the Seattle Weekly, or the Stranger—so how come the Stranger is claiming responsibility for our demonstration?

That is TOTALLY FALSE. We’ve never heard of Reverend Buddy, but we’re pretty sure he was made up by the Stranger. Not only are they lying, they’re making fun of putting the SAINT back in Saint Valentine’s Day. And have you seen the issue that’s out right now? With “Saint Misbehavin’” (which sounds of racist, don’t you think?) and scantily-clad people on the cover?

That’s exactly the kind of sexualization, commercialization, and shallowness that has taken the SAINT out of Saint Valentine’s Day. So we’re going to have another demonstration—this time on February 14, Saint Valentine’s Day, in front of the Stranger offices. Join us to show your displeasure with the Stranger’s mockery, its hyper-sexualization, and its selling out to commercial interests.

C’YA there!

Dear C’YA: If you want to protest against us, grab a number and stand in line. As for our “claiming responsibility” for your weak little demonstration, we weren’t claiming responsibility, we were mocking your supremely misguided asses.

And by the way, Reverend Buddy ain’t the only fictional character we have here at The Stranger.

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I don't understand the racist thing. What am I missing?

will the young woman in the pink sweater be there? i haven't been able to get her out of my head, or my hands out of pants, since her picture was posted on the Slog.

i'm sure she'll understand that since we're both women, it isn't really even sex. i'll just leave my toys in their drawer and we can call it "cuddling".

she will be mine!

Oh this should be fun! Please keep the slog updated. I don't really care to participate but would like to sit in Cal Anderson to view the culture clash with a picnic lunch.

And yeah, I don't get the racist thing either. Is "ain't misbehavin'" like, racist?

I may also need to battle it out with LL for sweater girl.

Oh my god they are priceless! We don't need to mock them , they make fun of themselves! Revd Buddy really threw them for a loop. You guys are so lucky to have them outside your office all day. They were good for about a thousand laughs when they were downtown. congrats and enjoy!

hey c'ya

hapy fucking cupids day assholes.

jesus h. fucking christ! you cathol-o-facists know how to ruin a fucking holiday, or should i say...a holiday about fucking.

get fucked! literally!

i sooooo dare you to march down broadway, assholes!

They really need to get laid, or, at least, gorge themselves on chocolate.

Wouldn't it be fun to invite a bunch of twinks from R-Place to come down and hold a counter demonstration? Like a big old gay kiss in, lots of tongue, and half nekid gay boys. Watch the C'YA crowd just freak the fuck out!

I'm putting my money on LL in the third round over Jason to win the Pink Sweater girl.

SDA: But, but, it's a holiday about love!?! Who could argue with such a beautiful display?

I anxiously await the similarly righteous St. Patricks Day protest...and next year's Fat Tuesday protest...and a Halloween protest...

You have no idea how dirty I'd fight for the perfect natural rack. Lascivious Lesbian is toast.

As a "production designer" here at the paper I had the great fortune of sorting through the photos from the protest. What you saw was just the tip of the proverbial mammaries. I have on my hard drive no less than six stellar pix of that stunning rack. I thought about leaking more of them to our "internet" community, but upon further reflection I say fuck that. I'm keeping them for myself. They keep me warm on these cold winter nights, her politics and theology be damned.

Jason and Paulus, It is all about her perfectly natural rack, isn't it?

Fate it on your side gentlemen, I've been called in to a job interview that day and won't be there to throw down with Jason, or ogle in mindless fascination with the pair of you at the pair of hers.

By the way, I keep rechecking their website and I've even emailed them, undercover naturally, and they aren't posting the time, what gives? Do you Stranger folks have any idea? If I can squeeze them in, I'd just love to.

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