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Monday, February 6, 2006

The Black History Month Display at Value Village

Posted by on February 6 at 16:15 PM

In an unusual turn, the Value Village next door to the Stranger has an incredibly disturbing window display just in time for Black History Month.

It includes:
1) A black plastic doll, wearing a tiny swimsuit, overturned in
2) A miniature red wagon that looks like it’s seen better days.
3) A rumpled white sheet with the words “Martin Luther” spray-painted in black over a field of pink and purple spray-paint scribbles (the sheet is folded in half, obscuring “King”);
4) Three books: “Colin Powell: My American Journey”; Bo Jackson’s autobiography, “Bo Knows Bo,” and a slim black volume called “Major Black Writers Teaching Guide”;
5) An assortment of vaguely African-esque jackets, scarves, and housedresses, including one that looks like a black graduation gown;
6) Several torn pieces of fabric painted with minstrel-ish images of black men and women in dreadlocks, one of which is wearing
7) A giant blue housedress;
8) Miscellaneous “ethnic” wooden jewelry; and
9) A collection of records representing Value Village’s African-American offerings: Grover Washington, Jr.; Christmas with Nat Kng Cole; Joan Armatrading; and Philip Bailey. And Steel Band Music of the Carribbean.

See it while you can.

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PICTURES! PICTURES! There's no way I can make it there before seven and they're sure to have taken it down by then!

My cameraphone doesn't do it justice. But the display has been up for almost a week (and black history month is just getting underway) so chances are it'll still be there when you go.

What kind of crappy-ass paper do you work for? Don't you guys have a real camera?

do you really need pictures to figure out this display is both disturbing and insulting ?

Knowing Value Village, what happened here is one junkie employee said to another junkie employee, "go gather up some stuff that's, like, black-related, and stick it in the window". I wouldn't read too much into it.

No, I don't need a pic to be disturbed, but I need a picture to fully appreciate it. Because I’m too damn lazy to walk over.

I'm sorry, but I absolutely had to see the plastic black baby doll overturned in the dirty wagon assembled in a well intentioned celebration of black history month.

It was totally worth it. I recommend everyone enjoy a lovely evening at Cal Anderson park, a spin by Value Village, and a drink or two at Purr.

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