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Friday, February 10, 2006

Testicular Controversy

Posted by on February 10 at 13:04 PM

Jonathan Ames did a reading last night at the Tractor. He was hilarious. Everyone loved him. If you haven’t read his novels, you’re a mad fool. As for the question of whether his right testicle is visible on the cover of his new book, he is taking a poll and invites you to weigh in via email to Is it indeed his testis? His liver has also been floated as an option. This makes no sense; though he’s apparently given it quite a workout at times, it still wouldn’t crawl outside his body. Is it just “an odd shadow”? Or something else altogether?

Mr. Ames previously held a contest to locate the most phallic building in the world.

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Testicles aren't any more visible than livers are; they're internal organs. What you might see is a sliver of scrotum, but unless he's having some really serious rippage going on down there, it's not a testicle. There'd be blood.

PS -- the Seattle Municipal Tower, formerly Key Tower, is clearly more phallic than any of the others in his contest. Too bad the photo that was sent in doesn't represent its urethra-bulging, glans-helmeted glory properly.

A proper photo should be taken from room 311 of Garfield High School, formerly Mr. Williams' math classroom, from which it looks exactly like a penis. Hence, its nickname among us Bulldogs: "The Penis Building."

Has there ever been an investigation to see whether the architects were trying to pull one on Seattle? I can't believe the designers didn't realize what it looked like.

It's not his testicle or sac.. it's his penis.

True dat, cock it is. I scanned that cover image for our books section, and when you zoom in close you can plainly see the ridge of the head and part of the shaft. I don't think we can post pictures on these responses, so maybe I'll post the shot in a new entry.

Not sure if you'll see this or not, but you mnade Page 6 today:
"While we're not sure that it's become the subject of worldwide debate (although it's been addressed in Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger), those who care to take sides can e-mail"

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