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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Take the heroin stuffed puppy and run

Posted by on February 1 at 15:59 PM

This is what happens when you mix dog lovers with drug pushers:

The Drug Enforcement Administration arrested 22 Colombian nationals for smuggling heroin into the United States via various methods, including surgically implanting the drug into puppies, officials said Wednesday… At least three puppies died from having liquid heroin packets placed inside them and then being stitched back up, DEA spokesman David Ausiello said.

That is Sick and Wrong, but you know what else is fucked up? Lindsay Lohan lost her diary the other day. Pretty soon the entire world is going to read her deepest thoughts on life, love, and family… Any guesses on what those deepest thoughts will be?

Today my dad told me he doesn’t think I’m all that hot! :( But then I invented a new diary made completely out of mirrors, so I can watch myself right [sic] about my favorite stuff :)

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It's always sad when puppies die, but dying from being filled with liquid heroin? Sign me up! (When the time comes, I mean...)

One of the only reasons i would condone the death penalty is for the abuse of puppies. That's just evil. The entire SLOG is in italics now. Is it just my computer? An artistic flourish? what gives?

It's just your computer. Try a refresh.

The drugs didn't kill the puppies. Reading to them from Lindsay Lohan's diary killed the puppies.

"The entire SLOG is in italics now. Is it just my computer? An artistic flourish? what gives?"

Probably your eyes. Best to get 'em checked.

What happens when a drug-sniffing dog sniffs a heroin puppy's butt?

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