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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Take the Bunny & Run

Posted by on February 1 at 14:30 PM

Here’s a ridiculous yet entirely true story sent by my friend Freddy, found on the LiveJournal of one CCDeville, concerning the alleged abuse and heroic kidnapping of a Capitol Hill bunny.

so this morning i walk into work and my boss tells me this weird story. apparently my coworker todd went out to a bar last night and picked up on these two guys who took him back to their place. these two guys have a pet bunny and apparently abuse the shit out of it. todd said that they were tossing her around like a football, put her in the oven while it was on, and hung her by her ears while holding her over the flame on the stove. my friend was horrified, so when the guys left the room, todd took the bunny and ran! he ran it down broadway at 2am, hidden under his coat…. todd has a large pitbull so he can’t keep the bunny, and so today i find myself in the situation of foster parent. commander bun bun is sitting under my chair as we speak, i’m taking her for a couple days but i dont know if my apartment will be the right fit, but she is a total doll with floppy ears… if it doesn’t work out with me, anyone know anyone that would want her?

To apply for ownership of Commander Bun Bun (and read the entertaining comment thread following the original post) go here.

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This is so sad and sick! And imagine the point that you realize, "I'm the kind of person who goes home with bunny torturers"

That's a fucked up story - thankfully, the picture of said rabbit stealing a cookie in the comments makes it all better. Go bunny go!

guffaw! im the roommate at commander bun bun's safe house. this is what she looks like.

What a heroic rescue! It's sad to think that many people probably would have done nothing.

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