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Sunday, February 5, 2006

Super Bowl: Halftime Show!

Posted by on February 5 at 17:07 PM

Okay, one thing: The Rolling Stones have a song called “Sweet Neocon,” which is about Condi Rice—and she’s there, at Ford Field, watching the game. Perhaps they’ll do the number?

You call yourself a Christian/ I think that you’re a hypocrite/ You say you are a patriot/ I think that you’re a crock of shit

Start Me Up, one of my guests informs me, has a lyric that goes… “You make a dead man come.” The older Mick gets, the more appropriate that lyric gets. They bleeped “come.” They also bleeped “cock” in “Rough Justice,” even though it’s a reference to a barnyard animals.

A friend just called to say that the streets are empty—the city, it seems, is a ghost town. “You could rob, kill, rape, murder—you could do ANYTHING!”

From the comments…

Doesn’t anyone else get the feeling that the Diet Pepsi people failed to research ‘santorum’ when they made up this ill-thought “Brown and Bubbly” ad campaign?
Posting a picture of Shelly Winters in a slog about the superbowl is gay, gay, gay! God what a boring first half. Dan, your slog is more entertaining than the game.

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Mick Jagger has a great stomach for an older guy. I'd kill to have a stomach like that.

The word "stomach" is gross

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