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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Smoking in the Boys’ Room

Posted by on February 1 at 14:24 PM

Whoever just smoked a cigarette in the second-floor bathroom: rude. Unless you had sex in there first, in which case add sick.

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You mean you can't tell who smokes in your office just by their breath? Jeez, around here all they have to do is breathe -- not smoke -- in the elevator and it stinks for hours.

Nobody smoked in the bathroom. An old cigarette butt (stuck inside one of those single cigarette canisters) was discovered in a coat pocket and thrown away. This managed to befoul the entire bathroom. Evidently cigarette stink has a half-life comparable to nuclear waste.

The reputation of that bathroom exceeds all fantasies of possible sexual perversion.

Keep the tradition alive.

Ciggies, who cares. so boring and fixatedly puritan.

Is it true that nobody in editorial smokes any more? Good for us.

There is one smoker in editorial—one smoker of cigarettes, I should say. Plenty of us smoke plenty of other crap.

What were you doing in the boy's room, Amy Kate Horn?

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