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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Since Bush Wants Us to Resist Isolationism

Posted by on February 1 at 13:40 PM

Here’s Al Jazeera’s report on Bush’s speech.

More from Al Jazeera?

Here are some recent reader polls from Al Jazeera.

Some interesting numbers. For example, more Al Jazeera readers agree with the U.S. and the EU re: Iran’s nuclear ambitions than buy Iran’s line.

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What does it mean that Al Jazeera readers think it's more unacceptable to curb civil rights in the name of fighting terrorism than USA Today readers do.

Given that civil rights aren't too prevalent in the Middle East, maybe Al Jazeera readers value them more than USA Today readers.

Is this an internet poll? Why should we trust a poll that doesn't say how it collected its data?

A study was conducted a few years ago that shows only 60 percent of Americans have a positive view of democracy. Compare that to about 90 percent in Morocco. It seems like those who don't have democracy don't have the luxury of taking it for granted.

Who wants to bet that most, or all, of that 40 percent, who don't like democracy, makes up Bush's base?

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