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Friday, February 10, 2006

Shatnergate: Party Crasher Responds

Posted by on February 10 at 12:35 PM

In response to this week’s Party Crasher, people have pointed out that the following sentence contains an error:

During the game itself, conversation wanders from the cinematography of Sergio Leone films to the all-Esperanto movie starring William Shatner and Adam West.

One such e-mail response goes, partially, as follows:

There was no such movie. Presumably your writer is referring to Incubus, which starred William Shatner. I have no idea where he got Adam West from…Although the movie is interesting, the Esperanto pronunciation and grammar is often bad.

That is true. Though there was a Shatner movie filmed in Esperanto, there was no Adam West/William Shatner movie filmed in Esperanto. However, the confusion in the conversation probably blossomed from the following bit of Hollywood trivia: there was a television pilot, filmed in English, starring William Shatner as Alexander the Great. This pilot also featured Adam West and John Cassevetes. Why this television show was not picked up and, in fact, why this television show is not still on the air is something that I will never understand.
Nevertheless, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize. To everyone who was troubled by my reporting a conversation that referred to a William Shatner film that did not exist: I’m sorry.
I’d also like to apologize to fans of Mr. Shatner and/or Mr. West.
Also, I’d like to apologize to speakers of Esperanto: the language was a great idea, but it just didn’t catch on. It’s great that you’re still trying, though. Keep it up!

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Paul, thank you. Someone said we should run a correction about this but my response was that you were merely describing a conversation (an inaccurate one). I love that you got multiple letters about it. Stranger readers are amazing.

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