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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Political Speak

Posted by on February 8 at 14:20 PM

Last week I got a newsletter from my state senator, Adam Kline. While political newsletters customarily contain the usual… committee work, improving services, etc., Kline has a tendency to be a little more, um, straightforward. In his discussion about the NASCAR Racetrack he had this to say:

Viewed as an economic development project, the cost to the taxpayers in cash alone is too high. In other respects, the cost is even greater. Auto-racing is a destructive enterprise, involving gas-hogs racing around a track in a kind of cult-worship for testosterone-poisoned young men. Unlike real sports (football, baseball, basketball, soccer) it involves no physical exertion, and no talent that isn’t destructive when applied off the track.


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What a fuckwit comment. He may or may not be right about the economic impact, need to see the figures and he should provide data, but I wonder if he is going to try to withdraw support for events like Seafair too.

Guess what, driving a racecar is shit-hard work. Not sure how it provides any less off-field skills than playing linebacker or power forward. Doesn't seem like Danny Fortsen is a real contributor to society but I sure like watching him play basketball.

And Kline, I am a good liberal, but I think all young men have testosterone, so if that's a disorder I think it is a common one.

This is the problem with the Dems, absolutely out of touch with everyone outside of their big city social groups.

I can't stand NASCAR, but it's true that driving a race car is intense physical exertion for long periods. Reminds me of the "scientists" who used to claim that skiing didn't burn any energy.

I'm also a little annoyed at his stealing my phrase "testosterone-poisoned", which I coined well over a decade ago in reference to grunge.

I don't understand how other "real sports" aren't for testosterone poisoned young men. What the hell else is a tailgate party but a bunch of testosterone poisoned men?

I for one think auto racing is a very bad waste of natural resources. In a time where people are fighting over the last drops of oil, perhaps we shouldn't be sprinting towards the finish line.

But maybe I'm just out of touch since I ride a bike.

Complete Bullshit. Race car
driving and competition is
one of the most physically
demanding of any sport. The concentration needed to drive
a car on a closed circut at
a high rate speed...let's say
for example, Monte Carlo
in a Formula One
utterly exhausting. Average
speed is well over a hundred
miles per hour on very narrow
city streets for several hours
straight. Most professional
drivers are required to follow a regular work out routine as they couldn't effectively compete

Fer Chrissakes, discuss the
merits of the business model
and whether or not this makes
sense for Kitsap County and
the DOESN'T in my
mind.....However Mr. Kline
should spend a little more
time studying the subject before
making these kinds of incredulous statements.

Frankly, I'd rather be at Le Mans
in France in June watching the
24 hour road race than Seattle in August watching unlimited hydros.
The food and people are a hell of
a lot better too, dammit.


I agree with the sentiment J, but "Race car driving and competition is one of the most physically demanding of any sport" is ludicrismas. I've only done some amateur racing myself, and it was grueling, but high school football was easily ten times worse.

I think the point that is getting lost in this discussion is that NASCAR is BORING AS FUCK.

And eatching golf is a fucking Mardi Gras party? People watch NASCAR for the crashes.

I don't by all the smoke screen about NASCAR tracks being good for the economy unless by economy you mean some track developer's pockets.

That said, if we can get the good citizens of Seattle to build baseball stadiums and help refinance the KeyArena rebuild why shouldn't the good citizens of bumfuck county have a chance to waste their tax money as well?

>Race car driving and competition is
one of the most physically demanding of any sport.

Habitual crack use is physically demanding too, and I don't see anyone calling that a sport.


".....citizens of Seattle to build baseball stadiums and help refinance the KeyArena rebuild why shouldn't the good citizens of bumfuck county have a chance to waste their tax money as well?"

The citizens of Kitsap County won't
be wasting their money. They and the
track developer are asking the citizens of Washington state to
waste their money. This didn't
make any sense to Snohomish county
when a proposal for a track was
pitched to them several years ago.
The current Kitsap plan has far too many flaws in it in spite of the fact the track developer has offered more money this time around to get the thing built....which makes one wonder why they didn't originally offer the same amount to Snohomish County. Regardless, there is very little knowledge and support of automobile racing in Washington State, and I would be surprised to see the state's legislature being able to get their hands around this one. I suspect Mr. Klein's misinformed opinion of auto racing is fairly common in
least I hope so. We don't need that
kind of track anywhere near here.

Nascar IS Boring.


I love seeing the fucktards squawk when someone punches a hole in their reality. Kline hit the nail (& all you idiots as well) on the head. Any kind of car racing isn't a sport, at all, in any sense of the word, and no amount of screaming & crying & bitching & "it is so!" is going to change that. The only reason it exists is for inbred red-necks who can't afford meth to have something to do. Oh, I think it also attracts the machine-fetish perverts for whom J G Ballard's _Crash_ isn't enough. Fine, if that's what floats your boat, but why should _any_ public money be spent on it?

Seattle libs can be so stupid. amazing. Get more than three exits outside the city sometime. There are people there, real people, as real as you, who like car racing, see it as a sport, which by any definition of sport I have seen is one, and are intelligent good people who vote.

If Kline can show the plan for the track doesn't make financial sense then fine, the gov't shouldn't support it. It would take a lot to show me why the gov't should give any money to ANY pro-sport. I don't think we should fund the Key Arena rebuild for the Sonics. But that doesn't change how I feel about Klin's incredibly stupid comments about the validity of racing in general. He insults all men (and some women) by implying that testorone is somehow bad, and then shows how out of touch he is with the majority of Americans who woudl consider NASCAR a sport.

Most importantly, he sets himself and the Dems up to piss up all of the non-urban voters who we need to elect people like Cantwell. He doesn't care because he will probably never run for statewide office, but shit, he should just shut the fuck up so others have a chance of winning outside of Cap Hill.

Saying stuff like "inbred rednecks who can't afford meth" is why George W. Bush is president. It makes city liberals look like low-wattage bigots. In this case, the more "inbred redneck" talk the greater the likelihood that NASCAR will get built, since it makes the proponents of NASCAR look sensible in comparison.

"The only reason it exists is for inbred red-necks who can't afford meth to have something to do."

Actually, if you really had a grasp of
the costs involved in professional automobile racing, you'd quickly realize that meth is a lot cheaper...and if this proposed Nascar track would be a guarantee to do away with all the meth problems in this state, I am sure Klein would be the first to sign on to the program.


What's more snooze enducing Nascar or David Meinert standing up for the common man? Meinert hands down.

Did someone forget to invite Kline to Politics 101? He certainly won't last long by insulting large blocks of his voters.

While I think his comments were idiotic, I don't think the government should spend one penny of our tax money on a NASCAR track. But then I didn't think the government should have spent any money for our half-billion dollar stadiums either, nor should we spend tax money on "Key" arena. If NASCAR wants to buy a chunk of land and build a track, fine, go ahead. But don't expect tax payers to subsidize it. Same of all the other sports franchises.


If you ever want to through down on common man roots, I'm there for you Ahura.

I have no interest in nascar, but I was hoping to get a track for other local racing-type events like autocross and track days and so on. Still, for all that, I don't think the taxpayers should fund such things. Let it pay for itself or let it go somewhere else. Woulda been nice to have that track though.

The economic considerations of a race track or a sports stadium or whatever else are negligible. There are a billion things we could do with much much greater economic benefits: taxing drugs and prostitution, allowing slot machines on every corner, invading Canada and stealing their riches... the question is about the social, cultural, and moral consequences. And I am very much opposed to the consequences of having any more nascar fans in our state. At least a football stadium gives Seattle some big city cred. I don't want our state to have any more strip mall or white supremacy cred.

Ah, here we see ignorance and class warfare at its worst. Because none of Adam Kline's constituents are the "kind of" people who go to NASCAR races, he feels he can let rip.
His ignorance is absolutely immense. This tired old argument - no physical exertion to speak of - once surfaced in a particularly ignorant and poorly thought out column by Collin (sic) McCarthy, now mercifully retired; and this unable to inflict his views upon us.
Mr. McCarthy argued that racing at Indianapolis took no physical strain to speak off.
Mr. McCarthy is now much too old. But I would challenge Mr. Kline to put his money where his mouth is and try driving a NACAR track at speed alone. Then, try driving it in the midst of competition. Likely, he wouldn't make more than five laps.
These cars are not anywhere akin to driving a modern car on the freeway, complete with power steering and automatic everything. Heck, just keeping it in a straight line is a job - from what I understand. (And anyone, who had made even a cursory attempt to understand racing would.)
As far as "real sports" one has to laugh at Mr. Kline's assertions about stick-and-ball sports. Ernest Hemingway, who despite his faults which included alcoholism and self-destruction, knew more about sports than Mr. Kline will ever forget. Hemingway said that there were really only three sports, amongst adults: climbing mountains, bullfighting and automobile racing. All the rest, he also said, were simply children's games, played by adults.
Perhaps the major reason Hemingway felt that way, is the fact that in each of the three activities mentioned, one can loose one's life.
And as far as it being merely testosterone-motivated, does this nitwit know that in last year's Indianapolis 500, a woman came in fourth? That woman, Danica Patrick, may come back to win this year.
In closing, I just have to say it: Fuck Adam Kline. (And if you're reading this, fuck you too, "Defman 23.")

And no public money should be spent on building a NASCAR track. No public money should have been spent on what is now called SAFECO Field or Qwest Stadium.
There are plenty of real needs for money to be spent on. It is great fun to watch baseball, football or whatever gets one going. Formula 1 and motorcycle racing are things I enjoy watching.
But if something is a good investment, worth staging and getting people to pay for, that's a private business. Government has absolutely no place in subsidizing private businesses. If they did, I have plenty of friends who need the money much more than Howard Schultz or ISC (International Speedway Corporation).
None of that diminishes the accomplishments any race driver, of whatever gender and in whatever kind of motorsport, achieves.
And Adam Kline is still a pandering, ignorant nit.

I agree not one dime of public $ should be spent to subsidize NASAR. AND track racing is in my opinion boring.

I think if Wa were to establish a TT or Tourismo for Cars, Motorcycles, or (very westcoast) low emmision vehicles it would be much better for the state. It could generate immediate tourist $ for spactators as well as driving long term tourist $ from national exposure. A track doesnt bring anyone to Wa. Theres a race track every 500 miles across this country. But the Volcano Grand Prix would bring em in.

I know it may seem blasphemous to think of a race traveling anywhere near our peaceful state and national parks but honestly theres plenty of beautiful Wa that wouldnt be near that race weekend.
It seems logical that changing the course every year could bring revenue to Yelm one year, Concrete another, and Wala Wala on the third.

Racing requires skill and great concentration, but it does not require the intense physical effort of other sports.

And also, NASCAR is stupid because they only make left turns. Are you telling me rednecks can't turn right more than once or twice a year? (Dale Earnhardt died after making... YOU GUESSED IT, a right turn, on the 800th and final left turn of the race) What a waste of time and resources building a track would be.

Like watching cars make left turns? Then go move to North Carolina. You don't need to bring that shit here.

GOMEZ Wrote:
"......but it does not require the intense physical effort of other sports."

Okay, Gomez. Back up your assertion.

Please do enlighten us on the
physiological stress that result
from automobile racing, and teach
us why there is no intense physical
effort involved. Please let us know about your experience and understanding of G-loading in automobile racing coupled with heat
stress and how it affects the human
body when steering a vehicle going
230 mph with your ass slung six
inches off the ground and a car
twelve inches behind and in front
of you. How many athletes today
endure 4 to 5G's for 10 to 15
seconds at a time and do it
over and over again? Please let us know what it is like to repeatedly attack corners at high speed and
have your heart rate reach its maximum bpm. Oh, don't forget dehydration. What is it like to lose 5-10% of your body weight in a 2.5 hour sustained race? Yes, please do teach all of us how terribly easy this is to do and how it really isn't necessary to be in excellent physical condition, and why it doesn't require the same physical exertion as other for example, football, or perhaps bowling?

Yes, please do let us all learn.


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