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Wednesday, February 8, 2006


Posted by on February 8 at 12:09 PM

That liberty-loving Danish paper apparently rejected an offensive cartoon of Jesus Christ. That doesn’t surprise me in the least. Nor do the images of deeply offended Arabs going nuts, burning flags, jumping out of windows. The Arabs are not upset about the cartoon but about white people making fun of them. White people are making them go crazy. If that cartoon had been published in a black African newspaper and drawn by a black African, Arabs would have yawned about it, if even that. What does a black person mean to them? Nothing. But white people mean everything. And so when they are made fun of by Europeans, they go ape shit.

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...or—like the radical Islamist movement in Algeria—they slaughter and rape black Africans in Darfur because they think they are dirty.

Well seeing the swastika over the Star of David makes me apeshit to. But since I'm so used to it I am able to blow it off. Perhaps it Muslims had a constant stream of cartoons making fun of the prophet, people burning the Koran, burning flags from their countries they would be more thick skinned. Their reaction only shows they believe they shouldn't be given a little of what they dish out. I'll care about their rage when they begin showing compassion and solidarity with those of us who are constantly demeaned by their media, regious and political leaders. Until then, tell it to the hand.

Thank you! Finally a Stranger writer expresses some feelings of ill-ease with the nativism behind a lot of the American-European reactions to the cartoon debate. Now Charles: can you calm Dan Savage down a little bit and get him to read something other than Andrew Sullivan and Michelle Malkin?

Jens Kaiser, the former editor of Jyllands-Posten's Sunday edition who turned down the cartoons three years ago, said he had done so because they were no good.

"Having seen the cartoons, I found that they were not very good. I failed to see the purportedly provocative nature," he said in a statement.

Charles, thanks for dropping some truth. I agree with you. (Some) white people still just don't get it.

Yes Xutech
"we don't get it" or to put in less euphamisticly- we don't share collective guilt because we know the history of African and Arab culture is shared with as many injustices as European. Lucky for you, you
are a person of color which gives you that silly entitlement to feel indignation every time a white person doesn't submit to your point of view.

Yes, you're right June, it is more about "who said what" rather than "what was said". In the end this has little to do with the depiction of the prophet and more as to someone (especially in Western-white-media) going against their religious mandates.

But I'm curious as to how you interpret being "a person of color" allows me to have "silly entitlement to feel indignation every time a white person doesn't submit to your point of view"?

As far as this person of color is concerned, everyone is entitled to have their own beliefs and to be able to express them in a civilized way. I may not agree with them, but I at least respect when a person has concern and rationale behind their beliefs.

It is just when those beliefs stem into practice that threatens and works against the better-treatment and respect of others is where I draw the line. I will always have my disagreements with the opinions of others, but respect for that person and their own judgement always comes first.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but my interpretation of Charles's comment is related to how Arabs view Africans and Europeans. Arabs don't care about what Africans think of them because Arabs consider Africans to be inferior. The Sudan is an excellent example of this. The Sudanese government, made up of Africans with Arab ancestry, are waging a genocidal campaign against the non-Arab Africans in the south.

Arab Muslims are pissed off about the cartoons because they either view Westerners as superior or they think that we consider ourselves superior. They're correct that many Westerners consider themselves superior. What I find interesting is the idea that Arab Muslims may unwittingly agree.

keshmeshi does not need to be corrected. this is precisely what i meant.

Well, golly, doesn't every newpaper now need to publish these censored Jesus cartoons, or be exposed as soft on Free Speech? Paging Mister Savage.....

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