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Monday, February 6, 2006

New noise.

Posted by on February 6 at 13:52 PM

Everyone’s getting a podcast these days. Unfortunately, a lot of the music ones I find are just full of predictable hip crap being played by cocky hosts trying to one-up each other. But there’s a new one in town that’s worth a listen if you’re into rad bands like the Zoinks, Capn Jazz, Braid, Orchid, Sicko, Inquisition, Christie Front Drive, and a bunch of other good shit that rarely gets any mention any more.

It’s produced by Eric Christianson (guitarist of Kane Hodder) and handful of his music geek friends (I use that as a term of endearment). With only two broadcasts recorded as of right now, the hosts are still a little shaky and new to the medium, but they’re working out technical difficulties. They geek out over the music, tell funny stories, and make fun of themselves and others while playing some really great stuff that has been long forgotten in the current wave of vapid rock (cough…Fall Out Boy…cough).

So, if that sounds awesome to you, click here (

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You said the magic word: SICKO.

I miss them so much.

Me too, dude. Me too. I was lucky enough to see 'em a few times, so at least I'll always have that.

You should listen to this podcast. They've played a lot of old and really great pop punk so far. And I think they're going to make it a weekly thing, every Wednesday maybe? I know they're recording a new one this Wednesday, at least. Worth checking back on, for sure.

are there any other good local podcasts that anyone can suggest?

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