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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

My Not-So-Secret Shame

Posted by on February 8 at 13:50 PM

Every other winter or so, I decide to forego shaving for a while and grow myself a real man’s beard. Once I get past the itchy stage I have a nice face muffler that I’ll never forget at home or leave behind at the Comet. After a couple months I get tired of it and shave it off. No big deal…

Until today, when I discovered I suffer from an acute case of “beard dandruff”. I’m wearing a black t-shirt and the whole front is covered with little white speckles. Imagine my horror. I never really thought about how it turns my face into a second scalp. Plus it traps odors just like my head hair, except it’s right under my nose.

I don’t think the beard will be around much longer (sorry Cori).

my beard
my beard.jpg

my beard dandruff
beard dandruf.jpg

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Damn, Paulus. I bet that beard of yours is robust. 'Tis the season for skin disorders.

uh, as someone who's had a beard for over 20 years, one piece of advice: wash your damn face, fool. if you have facial dandruff and can smell your beard it means you're dirty for crissakes. and now that the comet's smoke-free, you smell it.

ok, two pieces of advice: get an electric trimmer to keep it tidy.

Pix or it didn't happen.

I think it's kind of cute, like sprinkles on candy.

This reminds me. Ever since I moved here I've been meaning to start a website called beardsofseattle. I noticed Seattle is a real beard town and wanted to document it with a online gallery. I don't really have the time to do such a project anymore, but if anyone else wants to, feel free.

It's actually a lot worse than it looks in the photo.

Grey shirts.

I'm surprised with all the Queers on the Stranger staff that they haven't ganged-up on this tragic fashion victim and given him the full makeover.

He at least needs a spa day and some manscaping.


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