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Friday, February 10, 2006

My Name Is Christopher and I’m Ex-Gay

Posted by on February 10 at 10:28 AM

Just kidding. That’s what my mom would LOVE to hear. When I came out a couple years ago she started sending me books and magazines and kits of Christian propoganda about how to become ex-gay. Once I went home to visit her in California and she loaned me her car and had sneakily put a tape designed to reprogram my mind in the cassette deck. I love her, and I tried to be nice about it, and then I had to not be nice about it, and we didn’t talk for a year.

I was reminded of all this reading Dan Savage’s op-ed piece in the New York Times this morning. Representative sentence: “If anyone reading this believes that gay men can actually become ex-gay men, I have just one question for you: Would you want your daughter to marry one?”

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The thing I like about Savage is his ability to cut through all the crap and clotted rhetoric and expose the core of insanity in these points of view, and express it in a few straight (hey, no offense) words that even a bigot can grasp. Nice job.

Read the piece, which I quite liked, but I gotta ask. Is Dan avoiding seeing the film or has he just not gotten around to it? Has Terry seen it?

Here's the story, SB: Our babysitter moved away, and we haven't had a night off—me and terry—since. I've had chances to see the flick alone, but I kind of wanted to see it with him, so...

I think it's just a whole lot funner to never see it and have strong opinions on it. Like me with that 50 Cent movie, god did I hate that piece of crap.

Between this and the Onion interview is Savage bringing on the quality or what?

I'm with you Vin. We've been seeing Savage's excellent writing in some very respectable places lately, and he never fails to put those forums to good use. Dan, you're a unique voice out there- sharply intelligent without being condescending, brazen, sassy and proudly gay. Those of us who have watching you on the Seattle cultural scene are very proud of what you're doing these days. Keep it up!

P.S. GREAT article on the real implications of Brokeback in the most recent New York Review of books.

Excellent op-ed, and hard to criticize, though I have minor quibbles with Dan's line that "Every straight marriage that includes a gay husband is one Web-browser-history check away from an ugly divorce"--

I think divorce is a fair bet from any marriage where one partner snoops into the other's email and web surfing. Also, I know of some long-lasting and apparently "straight" marriages where the couple was bisexual, sexless by mutual agreement, or a lavender duo of gay and lesbian friendship deeper than romance.

Savage's babysitter's moved away?

Kids, I think I've got an idea for a new Stranger essay contest!

GREAT article in the NYRB, gurldoggie? didn't you read my slog post? i wuz robbed!

"...proudly gay."

Is that as dumb as being "proudly heterosexual?"

I guess we are in a transition period when hitherto down-trodden people need to assert themselves. So OK for the time being.

But I hope we can agree that such pride should be a temporary phenomenon -- it's hardly a matter of "pride" where one likes to stick a dick.

“If anyone reading this believes that gay men can actually become ex-gay men, I have just one question for you: Would you want your daughter to marry one?”

Umm ... only if she's an ex-Lesbian?

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