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Thursday, February 2, 2006

Meth Hits Home….

Posted by on February 2 at 12:24 PM

And not just home, but Full House, as Jodie Sweetin, she who played the sweetheart older sister to alternating Olsen twins on the sickly sweet ’90s sitcom, tells ABC News all about her meth addiction.

(Unfortunately, unlike recent heroin busts, Ms. Sweetin’s story comes without a shocking this-is-your-face-on-drugs horror shot. And so we’re left to imagine what a methed-up Jodie Sweetin looks like. Here’s my guess.)

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umm jodie sweetin was the middle child, stephanie, not the oldest.

uh, i didn't say she was the eldest, i said she was older the olsen twins...

Considering how bored she was, I wonder if she ever watched the re-runs of that horrid sitcom when she was strung out? It's constantly on that dreadful Nick at Nite.

A most revealing line: " intervention staged by her 'Full House' castmates — including the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, John Stamos and Bob Saget."

Is that "the" in their contract, do you think?

The 'the' makes them sound like conjoined twins.

TV psychology says Jodie may have middle child syndrome, a la Jan Brady.

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