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Thursday, February 2, 2006


Posted by on February 2 at 9:18 AM

I want to congratulate my former country, Zimbabwe, for making it into Bush’s list of evil countries during his recent speech about the poor state of the union. Once considered to be the bread basket of Africa, Zimbabwe became under Mugabe’s presidency the basketcase of Africa. Now it has the honor of sharing company with the likes of Syria, North Korea, and Iran, another basketcase of a country (President Bush, however, is responsible for the making this sad country mad—if he hadn’t attacked Iraq, Iran would have remained on the road to reformation).
Big question on my mind: I wonder how much practice it took for Bush to get the pronunciation of Zimbabwe down (Zimbabwe means house of stone—imba, one of the most beautiful words in shona, means house). But he pretty much got it right, with a Texas twang—Zimbabway. To my former countrymen, I say this: makorokoto (congratulations)!

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While I appreciate how confident you appear to be in your opinions, the idea that Iran would not be pursuing nukes if we hadn't invaded Iraq is ridiculous. Iran was pursuing nukes prior to the invasion of Iraq. You seem to be confused by the fact that their nuclear program was only exposed after the invasion of Iraq.

For somebody who works at a non-mainstream media outlet, I find it surprising that you'd confuse "publicly acknowledged" with "reality." Just because there weren't reports in mainstream newspapers about the program doesn't mean the program didn't exist. And just because something is happening while Bush is in office doesn't mean Bush is to blame.

and what exactly is wrong with iran having nukes? america has them.

I was going to post something else before reading the comment posted by Comish. Did I miss something? What the hell is being commented on? I think lunch time is about up. Before I go, I did want to say this posting was appreciated. Bush in a particular thorn right now, and "Makorokoto" was something of a tranquility shot.

"Once considered to be the bread basket of Africa, Mugabe, its current president, has made it the basketcase of Africa..."

The way this is phrased makes it seem like you're saying that Mugabe is the bread basket of Africa. The man is many things, but bread basket of Africa is not one of them.

Because Iran, being run by a millennial psychopath who thinks the world is coming to an end any day now, is going to use his. No mistake. Bush blows hard but when it comes down to it he is in turn run by pramatists. Iran is run by kooks (buddies of Mugabe as well).

Which raises the question. Would Iran have elected a "millennial psychopath" if their next-door neighbor were not occupied by the country they consider the greatest threat to their sovereignty?

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