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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World

Posted by on February 7 at 14:30 PM

Given that Iran’s president has already labeled the Holocaust a “myth,” it’s not really clear to me what free-speech limits the Iranian newspaper thinks it’s testing with its “Holocaust Cartoon” contest. They can already say whatever they want about the Holocaust and Jews. And they have been for years. And nobody goes out and burns down their embassy.

Here’s the latest, in which Iran’s Supreme Leader blames the publication of the Dutch cartoons on Israel.

And free speech on this point has already been tested in the West. Right here in the heart of the Zionist controlled United States, you can also say whatever you want about Jews and the Holocaust. The point is: Jewish students aren’t burning down Northwestern University.

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I don't think anyone would argue with you about how the new president of Iran is crazy. But y'all keep harping on about how 'we' in 'the West' are not burning down embassies (read: we're better than they are, aren't they so backward and uncivilized!). This is all beside the point. Islam is not to blame, Muslim extremists are to blame, the right-wing leaders of Iran and other Muslim countries are to blame. And in Europe, the riots, seems to me, are more about how Muslims are marginalized. Protesting has become the only way to get heard. Let's be specific and not just claim we're all the same, cuz it ain't a level playing field for all involved.


You say the protests in Middle Eastern countries are the fault of right-wing leaders like those in Iran.
Hmmm....maybe that's because Islamic leaders don't allow...wait for it... FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Yeah, of course the public is pent up. However, rather than taking it out on their leaders... they blame the Dutch and the Americans and the Jews. Lame.


You write "rather than taking it out on their leaders...they blame the Dutch and the Americans and the Jews." Who is 'they'? Other extremistsm that's who. Remember, you said it: "maybe that's because Islamic leaders don't allow...wait for it... FREEDOM OF SPEECH." So how is one to dissent in a country with no Freedom of Speech? 'They' is not every Muslim.

We could save them a lot of trouble and send over some South Park DVDs to demonstrate that over here in the wild, wild West, we can and do make fun of EVERYthing.

Dude, it's the Danes, not the Dutch!

While Western democracies have free speech, and the fourth estate is certainly part of that, no one would run a cartoon showing a man in blackface (what performers wore in the old days of "minstral shows").
Damon Wayans took a lot of crap when he had the "men of film" bit on his t.v. skit comedy show, "In Living Color."
Were the editors wrong to do what they did? The words "over the top" come to mind. But then again, they are operating as democracies.
When President Bush said, in his State of the Union address, that the democracies that come forth - if indeed they do - in the Mideast, will not be like those in the West, since "they will mirror their own cultures," this might be a sign of that.
But your point is well made, Josh. If someone in this country did a cartoon of a man in blackface, the protests would, with any luck, remain peaceful. Economic boycotts also impact newspapers and other media outlets, big time.
The sacking of an embassy (or two) and the firing of a reporter - what a gutless wonder is his boss - in France, are not going to make anyone believe that "freedom is on the march."
It's good for Albert Brooks that he didn't do any bits on Muhammed in his latest movie, eh?

Josh, don't change the subject.

Answer the question:

Who from Team Nickels are you seeing on Thursday night, part of your weekly get together with Team Nickels.

And answer this second question: why if you are terribly critical of them do they regularly meet with them? Have you considered you are being used, chump?

Name the name, Mr. Badass.

Or is the lapdog under a tight leash?????

I'm not going to publish his name here. He's a source. Reporters don't throw around the names of sources, even if it's obvious who the source is. It's tacky. (Maybe "He's" really a "She" and I've thrown you for a loop.)

Plus, it's seems to be driving you fucking crazy that I wont say his name. So, that gives you more incentive to join us for a drink. And, well, I want to know who YOU are. And if you want to know who he (or she!) is, well, why shouldn't we know who you are?

Like I've said, you're invited to my nefarious meetings.

And then, you can ask him why—despite all the negative Nickels articles—he keeps hanging out with me. I really don't know why. Maybe he's in love w/ me.

Again: Thursday night's consist of drunk pontificating about the Viaduct, the RTID, and Hamas. Council staffers (who hate Team Nickels more than you do) often show up.

Why won't you show up, GASGIRL? Got something to hide? Who are you? I demand to know!

Mr. Badass won't name a name.

Now it's a source that has to be protected?

Josh the contradictions are starting to pile high.

You are Mr. Badass because you talk trash to Team Nickels, yet there's a person who's a source whom you must protect. So this source is feeding you the trash you talk? Sorry, that doesn't wash. Neither does your change-the-subject invitation to join you on Thursday. If Gasgirl goes, your source is blown, right? And if council staff also go, the source is hardly a secret, is he?

Josh, you fling this crap faster than you can think.

Name the name, Mr. Badass Lapdog. Claiming that you have to protect a source is just piety, and it just doesn't suit the whole badass thing.

Name the name!

Maybe it's a low level person and you couldn't stand to lose status.

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