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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

It’s a Motherfucking Walkoff!

Posted by on February 1 at 22:00 PM

Project Runway is ON!

This is the best show on television.


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Hm. I guess I'm the only one watching.

At the halfway mark, I predict that Andre will be out. His grass clippings dress looks awful. And they're pointing at Chloe entirely too much—she's going to pull it off.

Andre's dress looks like a bag of slop. He's out.

Andre and Kara are the two weakest designers left, so I hope one of them gets ousted. And I love Chloe--her sleek, sophisticated lines. I wasn't a Danny V. fan at first, but I'm really taking to him. I totally overlooked him, but he's amazing.

And yes, best show on television!

daniel's coming out story was beautiful. nick was like, way interested in it. think nick and daniel are fucking?

andrae or kara out for sure. but who shall win?

I knew it!

i thought Chloe should have won. Much as I love Daniel V., Chloe's dress—pulled out of her ass at the last minute—was superior.

The real question: Why is Klum wearing that baggy diaper?
And I totally think Nick and Daniel are doin' it.

I thought Chloe's was pretty, but Daniel's was more innovative and interesting.

That moment b/n Nick & Andrae right before they announced was kinda touching.

And, yes, this is the best show on TV.

poor andrae, he is so loveable. once again, kara was saved by her construction skills.
and nick and daniel are sooo not fucking.

I wish I could watch the best show on television, but I have Comcast between Green Lake and Ballard so MY CABLE'S BEEN OUT FOR THREE DAYS. Grr.

oh project runway, why are you so awesome?

The bigger question: now that Weepy's gone the way of the mossy doormat, who will inspire Santino's Tim Gunn impersonations?

Funny --- Kara really had the best dress - followed by Chloe's veregrated leaves glue on.

Looked like mosaic and great cut.

The program likes the gay men because --- surprise of surprises -- voila the audience. Yes, sweet banter. Horny vibes very low key, surprising.

Weepy looks very flexible.

Santino was off the mark -- Judges take note -- flowers wilt and budget too low. With 300 they would have had the Rose Parade version of tropical wonder.

Project Runway is the best non-Veronica Mars show on TV.

Death to Santino, though. It's definitely his time to go.

Dan, I just finished Skipping Towards Gomorrah. It was no The Kid, but rad nonetheless. The Kid was one of the best things I've read in my 18 years.

I worked at the OC Weekly this past summer. Do you need an intern this summer to say...follow you around...and make you coffee?

Who is me?

And who would fly up to Seattle and sleep on my brother's couch for three months...

To make you coffee?

Andrae was robbed. He was my dark horse vote.

Final three- Chloe (they love her. I'm unimpressed), Vosovic, and Nick. I hope Kara decides not to suck anymore, like this challenge, because Chloe is so episode 2 and Santino must die.

best mutherfuckikng show ever.

also, is a great site with emails from daniel v (so precious!) and tim "big lobster" gunn. there are also transcripts of timmy's podcasts on that site.

apparently ny metro paper had a spotlight on fashion week and they only featured chloe, santino, nick. v.interesting, eh?

i'm seriously up way too early. tolerating ann curry. because andrae is going to be on the today show. ehhh.

I will miss Weepy's facial expressions. And even though I liked the work on Kara's bodice, her skirt was awful with the way it caved in in the front instead of belling out prettily. It made her model's vagina look like a fashion-sucking black hole.

Chloe's dress was the best.

Kara's skirt was awful.

And I too felt the judges were unfair re: little use of flowers. Heidi asked why no one made a dress out of roses. Hello, Heidi? $100 doesn't buy a lot of fucking roses, and the designer who sent a model down the runway in rose petal pasties and a rose-stem thong would have been "out" pretty quick.

"apparently ny metro paper had a spotlight on fashion week and they only featured chloe, santino, nick. v.interesting, eh? "

eep! I thought the producers figured out that glitch after last year when austin got to put together a last minute show as a "decoy?" and getty images had the entire runway photoset the same night of the show-- a week before the finale on tv...

if those are, indeed, the final three they-- they aren't bad choices. I would just be sad that daniel v isn't in the mix.

re: last night's show. michael kors is annoying the shit out of me. "everything [nick] does has an element vulgarity." um, no.

Every time a judge says "vulgar", drink! I'm so sick those guys. One week one of the judges described Emmett work as "vulgar" and "matronly" in the same breath. Grr..

Nick's work is amazing. Everything he does is stylish and flattering. (except for his skater dress which I didn't care for.)

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