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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Islam, Islam, Islam!

Posted by on February 8 at 22:01 PM

Can we talk about something else?

Oh, I know: let’s talk about PROJECT RUNWAY! It’s on now, bitches.


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I'll start: I hope Daniel V. sends himself down the runway in tassles and a zipper.

And Santino's two winning dresses from previous episodes? Didn't they look exactly alike when they showed them side-by-side?

this challenge is CRAZEE!


Could Daniel V. look better in those pants?

i hate to say it, but it's only 10:17 and all signs are pointing me towards nick going home tonight.

remember last week how andrae aka weepy fag was all, "non of us in this room are going home" then he was sent home.

nick is a little toooooooo confident.

sorry nick fans, i could be wrong, it is only 9:18

I think Santino is going home. Or Kara. Or Nick. Or Chloe.

If Nick goes home, I will be so sad.

Really, I have nothing original to add, but I'm so glad there are other people who are as obsessed with this show as I am. :-)

its obviously between santino and nick. sad to say i think its nick

Nick is looking vulnerable, for sure. But they're not showing Chloe's stuff at all, which makes me think they're trying to throw us off her scent.

Santino is crazy. "Somebody is going to be out. Not me." That's bad—the producers choosing to use that quote... not a good sign for Santino.

Ack! I don't know who's going!

oh nick, that collar!

and now daniel looks like scott baio!

Holy shit. They ALL look terrible. Kara's outfit is... despicable. She looks like an extra in some awful sci-fi flick. Santino is going home.

Hilariously, Kara's outfit for Santino looks good. He did most of the designing, though, as if he thought it mattered more what he wore and less what he designed.

That jumpsuit looks like shit. But yeah, they haven't really give us good shots of any of the designs, so it's pretty much impossible to guess.

I hope Santino gets cut. I'm so over him and his pissy little attitude.

the outfit kara made for santino looks like old people's clothes from sears.

Um, finale on March 8th? That's a month away. They should only have two episodes left. Bullshit.

nick looks like he's dressed for a gay wedding.

Daniel looked good—best outfit is Nick's.

Kara looked awful—Santino should go home.

Santino is smirking like he designed his outfit!

"Guess you can't be right all the time."

Oooh, Daniel. Smug is apparently catching.

i might not wear a pink back on my vest! yeah, right!

daniel looks like a rock star in nick's suit. he should win!

Santino should go home.
Chloe should win this round.

such drama! daniel had the worst.

I'm starting to feel sorry for Santino. The backstage clique action was a bit cruel.

But if I had to bet, I would say Santino's going home. He can't finish anything. How could he get stuff done—a whole collection done—by Fashion Week?

I predict Heidi will torture Nick, but he'll be in. Santino, out. Daniel, humbled and dressed down.

The real luck this week flowed to Kara. She's not that good, and Santino basically designed his own outfit. She exectuted it, but he put it together. He didn't give a shit, however, what he sent Kara out there in. And so—my guess—he's going home.

Daniel got dressed down.

Here's the torture Nick part...

regarding the two episode thing....

next week is apparently a "what you missed in the editing" show. that's according to the project runway blog (not sponsered by the show. don't know what the next one is....

regarding the two episode thing....

next week is apparently a "what you missed in the editing" show. that's according to the project runway blog (not sponsered by the show. don't know what the next one is....

...and Santino is IN!


Wrong choice. That jumpsuit was a crime.

i told you..........hubris always shows the loser!!!!! omg

this is too unreal...

Did anyone else notie that all of heidi's lines to the contestants were obvious voiceovers. Last minute editing job maybe ?

I call bullshit. I thought Daniel looked awesome in Nick's gray suit. Kara looked AWFUL. They're keeping Santino around for the drama—he's Wendy Pepper, and they're not going to let him go.

I agree. It's the same crap last year. I hope at least we get to see Jay rip him a new one next week.

I agree with Dan. The only reason Santino is still around is for the drama.

Good for Chloe, btw. After the past two weeks, I hope she wins it all.

the new judge saved santino.

(daily show is great tonight)

I liked the jumpsuit too, so it's real problem was that just wasn't well made. Nick's however was a mistake from start to finish. Bad design, bad fabric, bad execution.

Really surprised Kara has lasted this long. I figured she'd be gone episodes ago...

Kara's still around because they like her accent.

That Santino is still in is criminal. Admittedly, although I love him like a member of the Tiger Beat teen editorial board, I recognize that DanielV's dress for Chloe was lame. Did he coast...or try something beyond his depth because he had immunity? Still, it sucks he got spanked so hard since Santino has been coasting on stanky designs week after week. Such a producer's move.

God, I love this show.

What is this show?

So popular I was getting errors: "Got an error: Bad ObjectDriver config: Connection error: Too many connections"

It looks like the cartoons were published in October on the front page of a major EGYPTIAN newspaper during RAMADAN without any outrage whatsoever.

nick fucked up and I got teary. I hate santino.

So the bottom wasn't the most customer-friendly, but I thought that jumpsuit was awesome and that Santino (finally!) deserved not to get the axe.

Love Nick and Daniel looked okay from afar, but up close his outfit looked like garbage.

Chloe's outfit: nice. boring.

Kara's shirt was cool, and the pants were too. Together they formed an outfit that a lazy person would accidentally throw together from piles on the floor. I guess her inspiration was Santino's slothiness? Congratulations, I guess.

Daniel V is the best. I called his outfit "titsuit" or "chloe's tit platform". She looked about two feet tall. I liked those fabrics together, at least.

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO LAST SEASON?! Remember when you couldn't decide whose outfit you liked more? Fuckin' send 'em all home.

God I love this show.

Craig- I had the opposite response. It was weird. It was Santino and Nick on the runway and I thought... oh my god... I am hoping Nick goes home! What is wrong with me??

Chole did a great job. Nick was just no on any target. Bad fabric, poor design, crappy sew.

A sort of David Bowie upgrade would have worked on the prety skinny Daniel, but the mess he wore was not close.

Santino is still my favorite. Saying you can't polish a turd on national programming, out there - perhaps too out for the Gap Groupies that are posting here.

Interesting how hard it is for these contestans to get focused and centered even on the middle of the big time competition.

Chole might win the thing. She knows how to sew. Judges keep looking for finish.


I'm with you... nick deserved to go. I've just adored nick throughout the show. I was trying to defend his design choice as a conceptual gender critique of menswear last night to my friends... but in all honesty, it was pure shit. Santino has been pretty awful in the last several challenges, but I'm sure he could do a pretty fantastic show if given a few months to prepare.

It's so weird that the final three have their runway show tomorrow morning in new york.

you call this camp? my early designing days we could match a graduated hoop skirt with a 3/4 nehru with a ziggie shag and totally pull it off...these hopefulls have culled to much thrift store chic....I will continue to strut stilted and satyr-like above the adoring masses

Santino is George W./Wendy Pepper/Omaraosa/Richard Hatch/Puck all over again - assholes who are kept around by greedy producers pandering to the lowest common denominator. The Jerry Springer effect.

I am utterly sick of this damn show. Santino has been in the bottom four times now and has always been spared. This is bullshit. If it's rigged and plays out like last year when Austin Scarlet was booted to keep Wendy's vitriole seething and Jay trumped the judges' darling, Kara Saun, for the win. The correlation is Kara getting kicked off at the next *challenge* and Chloe ursurping Daniel V to win it all.

Santino is not Wendy Pepper!!

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