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Friday, February 3, 2006

I Must Not Draw Mohammed

Posted by on February 3 at 9:06 AM

Check out this cartoon—mentioned on NPR this AM, all over the web, up on


The hand of a cartoonist—at least I presume the hand represents the cartoonist—is writing “I must not draw Mohammed” over and over again. And he’s creating an image of Mohammed with those words, all under the watchful eye of a cleric who has taken up residence in his pencil. It’s brilliant.

The political cartoon was published on the front page of Le Monde, a lefty daily in France. As Sullivan says…

This is the perfect response, it seems to me, to the intimidation of the press in Europe.It describes what Islamism is trying to do: threaten those who want to discuss and debate the intersection of fundamentalism and politics, the clash between freedom and faith. That the leftist paper, Le Monde, would publish this could be a sign that Europe is beginning to stand up again for the principles for which the West stands: tolerance, sure; faith, yes; freedom of speech: non-negotiable.

More death threats are, no doubt, on their way.

UPDATE: Gotta love this quote in the NYT piece about the controversy…

“We are angry — very, very, very angry,” said the legislator, Jamila al-Shanty. “No one can say a bad word about our prophet.”

To which I say: Fuck Mohammed. And Jesus too—fuck him. And while we’re fucking, let’s fuck L. Ron Hubbard and Joseph Smith and David Koresh and the Rev. Moon and Bhudda. Fuck ‘em all.

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Great writing! I totally agree! I have a cot waiting for you in my bunker at the, "undisclosed" location in Birmingham. Hurry, we just got a preview DVD of "Memoirs of a Geisha," and I want to watch it tonight!

"Fuck 'em all" That's a great attitude. You've turned into the dude with the totally lame come back: "'re, like...dumb." Glad to see you're raising the level of debate. The way you've framed this whole thing stinks. It's just another vehicle for you to express your righteousness. Now you can be a REAL 'American': "If you don't like it, get the fuck out." Instead of trying to find intelligent ways to talk about this very important topic, you've devolved it into a simplistic Us (U.S.) vs. Them argument. Thanks.

Actually, I’m with Savage on this post. His previous, get the fuck out post was lame and a bit xenophobic, but this one is spot on. He didn’t say, get the fuck out, nor is he saying people can’t have those silly beliefs, he is simply exercising his right to say, Fuck religion!! Everyone should be able to say that, specially the press. I’m all for it, my only suggestion is that he includes David, Moses and the goddess Shiva. He shouldn’t leave anyone out.

I'm just thinking that as Americans it is our privilege, no, our duty, to come up with something more offensive than "Fuck (your religion here)." I mean c'mon, Savage and his readers are the ones who gave birth to Santorum (figuratively and literally). Can't we offend people in a catchier way?

Because as much as enlightened debate is swell and all, sometimes you just gotta tell people exactly what they hate hearing. It's the burden of a free society.

Yeah, we probably can and will come up with catchier slogans than "Fuck God" or whatever. But that wasn't the point of Dan's post. It was about the right to voice disdain for all such man-made "untouchables."

As for the "man-made" comment--who knows? But to my mind, any God worth admiring can take and understand the blashpemy of mortals...

Hey, it was early. I had something else to write, and I just wanted to bust something out. "Fuck Mohammed/Jesus/Rev. Moon, et all," was the best I could do on short notice.

"Fuck Mohammed" is not an insult to Mohammed. It is an insult to the tiny-brained bigots who act in his name. As such it is richly deserved. Thanks, Dan. Fuck Mohammed, indeed.

"Intelligent ways to talk about this" ... What the FUCK does that mean?

Dan's point is plain: Freedom of Speech. You can "raise the level of debate" all you want with multi-culti bingo, but that sounds like a feel-good waste of time.

Look, Savage drives me crazy (I'm in the office right next to his), but he's totally on point here.

Josh, here's an article in the Guardian that, I think, is a more intelligent way to talk about this whole thing:,,1701041,00.html

"Free Speech" is your fucking Muhammmed. I'm tired of this "Free Speech" rules all b.s. As someone once said "Just because you can doesn't mean you should." There are also issues of respect and discretion. And we can't just say what we want...there a legal limits (libel, defamation, etc).

It's not just about Freedom of Speech. This is just one more example of how the Left (I'm throwing Savage in with 'the left') not taking religion seriously. Obviously, this religion stuff is fo' real and has far-reaching implications.

By the way, I appreciate Dan's candor about "Fuck 'em all" being the only thing he could come up with. I hear that.

(Cue dramatic music) With Freedom comes great responsibility. We have to exercise this responsibility, for the good a true and meaningful democracy.

I fucked the reverend Moon back in the 80s. It wasn't pretty.

When this thing in Denmark first came out, weeks ago before the story caught on like wildfire, I remember reading that the Danish paper published similar cartoons w/Jesus (at some other point in time). I think the point of the article I read (and Dan’s point), is that it’s not like the paper was just targeting one religion. It’s a secular publication that’s satirized other things done in the name of religion. And from what I’ve read, until this dust-up, nobody’s really made a stink and it’s all been very much in line with the way of life in Denmark. As far as I’m concerned, as long as they’re equal-opportunity when it comes to these cartoons, then yes, fuck em all. In fact, I think the bigger problem would be if they weren't critiquing Islamic extremists, but continued to critique Christian fundamentalists.

The Guardian article is full of crap.

There have been MANY depictions of Mohammed in the past, including many in Islamic sources. This idea that "depicting Mohammed is forbidden" is true in only some strains of Islam. Unfortunately, one of those ultra-right strains, Wahhabism, is fairly dominant today in important countries like Saudi Arabia (and in Al Qaeda). What Wahhabism has done to worldwide Islam is terrifying and obscene. Look at what the Saudis did to the beautiful mosques in Bosnia when they "rebuilt" them.

Second, freedom of the press is absolute and sacred. This is at the core of Western values. Don't like Western values? That's too bad, because if Muslims, or anyone else, want to live in the West, they're going to have to learn to accept our basic principles.

The questions of whether Muslims are treated fairly in the West, or whether the West is itself responsible for some of the problems in the Muslim world, or whether peoples' feelings have genuinely been hurt -- THESE MEAN NOTHING.

The craven, cowering, cowardly response by some in the West -- Clinton and Bush in particular -- is an embarrassment and a threat. We must not let freedom of the press, total freedom, to pass away. If we give in on this issue of some damn cartoons, we will open the door to press control -- and not benevolent Western control but mentally and morally unbalanced Islamofascism.

"That's too bad, because if Muslims, or anyone else, want to live in the West, they're going to have to learn to accept our basic principles."

You can shove your basic principles in your ass. Free speech is not 'everything goes.' The press edits and censors itself, and is edited and censored, all the time. There is no such thing as absolute freedom of speech. The Gaurdian article notes that many publications are not going to reprint the cartoons. This move doesn't spell the end of freedom one iota. Beeyatch, please.

But the papers themselves are making the decision to run or not run the comics, Xutech. Governments, Popes, mullahs, and assholes in the streets with masks on and guns are not making the call.

That some papers choose not to run the comic is not proof that no paper should have run the comic in the first place. Geeez!

A point of order to all: Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha (I prefer to ignore those cult figures Dan mentions entirely, since they really don't fit into my point) were not deities in of themselves. They were prophets, prophets which represent, as best any human could, the perfection of a higher being or a higher state of being (sorry, religious philosophy does get muddled around this point). That is why their teachings and image are considered sacred. But sacred only to those who follow the teachings. To those who do not follow the teaching, then they are not sacred. One shouldn't confuse the messanger with the message

The insult lies within the sacred. The insult is a form of coerhsion, a power-play if you will. As with all power-play, if both parties agree (let just say, a muslim and a muslim) where the boundaries are, then all is fine. Play away. But, just like any session, if someone who is not a party steps in and, univited, cross the established boundary, then there is a problem.

Freedom of speech is all important, but, do try to respect the boundaries of others. And remember, silence does not equal consent anymore then the fact that you don't agree with the boundaries does that make the boundaries wrong or fair game to be ignored. ok?

As far as I’m concerned, it is legitimate territory for a paper to question extremist acts done in the name of religion. Especially if they’re equal-opportunity about it. While not a practicing Catholic (by any stretch of the imagination), I was raised Catholic, and I cannot imagine anything that would be so vulgar and offensive that I would impose a responsibility on newspapers not to publish it. I think it’s good to question religious institutions, especially ones own.

On the other hand, Muslims are allowed to be offended and speak out. That’s the flip side of the free speech coin. It’s when they severing heads of the cartoonists that I think they’ve taken free speech too far (

"This is just one more example of...the Left...not taking religion seriously."

It's long past time we stopped taking mythological characters and the books they're in seriously. I'm sick of nutty religious fucks dictating how we should live our lives. Fuck 'em all indeed...

The "fuck 'em all" attitude only gets you so far. You are as entrenched in your beliefs as they are, so now what? The Republicans, despite my deep contempt for them, have worked the religion angle to great affect for their party. I hate to break it to ya...religion ain't going nowhere. And religious nuts aren't going anywhere either. The question, 'cordin' to my figurins, is how do progressives formulate a politics that includes some space for religious believers (we can't get them all). I don't know, I'm just throwing that out cuz this country seems to be getting more religous by the minute. So much for modernity and the death of God.

I've met many men named Mohammad in the US and while traveling in Europe. They seem to gravitate to nightclubs, blonds, and esctasy (and no, not the spiritual kind). the fact that they are named after the prophet doesn't seem to deter them from what seems to be their main focus in life- the very earthly goal of getting laid. not that this is different than most young men, but simply if muslim political and religious leaders are going to work themselves up into a froth it should be over how many men named after their precious prophet are are no different than eurotrash the world over.

The point is we can, Xutech. I like paying my bills, and if everything I wrote for local magazines(I'm in Indianapolis) and papers was pulled by a third party, then I'd be screwed.

Past that, Free speech protects speech that isn't liked. If Tipper Gore isn't allowed to fuck with that, why should right-wing Muslims, or Christians for that matter?

This country is divided between people who vote for censorship bastards or Apocalypse-mongers. It's sickening.


Oh, but the Stranger makes fun of Christians/Christ/the Judeo-Christian God all the time, because they know Christians will not threaten physical violence (And for fuck's sake, leave the crusades out of this. God knows they only happened like last month!). But when it comes to people who will cut your head off for exercising diversity, you suddenly grow a conscience? And of course Islam is the great beacon of tolerance and free speech as we all know. You should change your paper's name to 'The Double Standard'. Oh, and as for you louis farrakhan clones who claim christianity is the white man's religion, you betray your own ancestors! Ethiopans were worhipping Jesus while white people were still worshipping the stars. 3 million [black] Christians are murdered in the Sudan by muslims and you don't even bat an eyelash? Newsflash, the only reason all these african countries are muslim now is because they were converted by the sword. You're a disgrace to your african ancestors. You guys blast Christianity, not because it's the most egregiously wrong religion, but because it's a peaceful religion and an easy target to pick on.

I agree Christians didn't riot and destroy businesses when someone put the cross with Jesus in a jar of urine and called it "art?". I think that would be a better reason to get into an uproar as opposed to a depiction in a cartoon. It just goes to show what extreme islamic leaders will latch onto just to further their own political agenda(jihad). I also saw on a CBS news video, an islamic protester holding a sign that said" down with U.S.". What the hell, we didn't even do it and we're being blamed. Sounds like they've been taking lessons from Democrats here in the good ole USA.

I can't even begin to understand how anyone can defend the Muslim religion!!! In Europe, the Muslims are taking over. Muslim men and boys grope European women and claim that it is their right to do so. Muslim men drink alcohol, pop pills and chase all women like dogs in heat!! Muslim men (in gangs of 10 or more) provoke young boys in Europe and if they say something, the Muslims beat them. The Muslims that I have met are stupid and ignorant, but that is how the Mullahs want them! Keep them stupid and you can herd them like cows! With one call, you can get the Muslims pissed off about nothing! I see war! I see a great war!

I vote to bring back the good old days. Lets feed xians and muslims and all the rest to lions. Hell, I'd even support donating part of my income to such a noble endevor. The Romans had it right.

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