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Sunday, February 5, 2006

Go Seagulls! Final Thoughts…

Posted by on February 5 at 19:17 PM

Well, it’s all over ‘cept the blame-placing. My brother Bill blames time management and the coaching. Who do you blame? I blame the Danish. If they hadn’t run those cartoons of Mohammed, then the Gulls would have won. Damn Danes. Hey, Seattle: Let’s go burn the Danish embassy, shall we? That’ll show the damn Danes.

Best Commercial: a toss-up between the Bud Light riotóbottles are hidden around an office to “boost morale,” and when the boss shows up the workers are tearing the place apart, pulling plants out of planters, punching holes in the drywall, etc.; and the Burger King commercial in which dancing girls represent various parts of a Burger King Whopper, and do a sort of a Busby Berkeley dance, as they assemble themselves into a Whopper under the watchful eye of the creepy, plastic-headed King.

Best cheese: the Danish blue.

Best Drink: Lillet, l’ aperitif de Bordeaux.

Best Play: Angels in America.

Best Hair: That Stealer with the naturally curly hair. I nominate him for “most likely to come out five years from now and write a book about being a gay NFLer.”

Best Boyfriend: Terry Miller, who wanted to go snowboarding but stayed home to make hotdogs and serve cheese to a bunch of my drunk friends.

The Last Word: We’re going to give the last word to a reader:

A loss is no reason not to riot.

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That really is something - giving up a perfectly wonderful snowboarding Sunday to stay home for - horrors! - the Super Bowl. It's also something that you acknowledged Terry's sacrifice; that's sweet and considerate. Even after all this time together - that's love. Cheers.

Did Maria Cantwell really just say "Everybody love Qwest Field"?


Congrats Steelers, winners of Ref Bowl I.

Wha?!? A sports fan on the Stranger's blog?? I never!!

People are howling all over the internet that Seattle got screwed by the refs.

I say hokey. The Seahawks could've still won this game even with the bad officiating calls (which were mostly legitimate bad calls). They just didn't.

Congratulations to the Steelers.

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