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Monday, February 6, 2006

Gay, Gay, Gay

Posted by on February 6 at 15:51 PM

Here is an article by Daniel Mendelsohn about Brokeback Mountain. It is from the New York Review of Books, and is dated February 23.

Here is my article about Brokeback Mountain. It is from The Stranger, and is dated December 15.

That is all.

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And not for nothing, but here's mine, from 12/29/05.

Homosaurus rex.

He used more words.

I agree. I don't view the movie as a love story so much as a self-denial of love movie. A movie of repression of gay feelings, both externally and internally. Calling it a "universal" love story is missing a big part of the point. The self-loathing Ennis displays is still pervasive to this day outside of large metropolitan areas, and is unique to the gay experience.

Having said that, I totally understand why the producers are avoiding calling it a gay movie. We in the gay community know very well it is a gay movie. The marketing isn't directed to us. It is directed to the general public in an attempt to reach a broader audience beyond the gay ghettos. Strictly from a business perspective, it is probably smart marketing. And if it reaches a broader more mainstream audience, and even a few of them get the point, then that is okay with me. Despite the marketing and reviews, I doubt anyone is going in to this movie and being shocked that the two main characters are gay men.

I'm a bit stumped by all the "let's bystep the obvious". We've got a long way to go in demystifying homosexuality. The reviews mentioned, as well as Nelson's noted in the first reply, do a good job in bringing back the obvious ("Hellooo!? Have you smelled the coffee yet?"). I am surprised that Lee, though, said he "just wanted to do a love story." He of all people knows it's more than that! I don't get that.

I hate to break it to you, but internalized self-loathing, sexual shame, and denial of love are not only gay issues. Us straights can relate very well indeed, which is why the movie is drawing crowds in Montana as well as Seattle.

this is my generation's stonewall...currently writing a one-act about two gay astronauts, one american and one russian, who meet in space...weightless topping logistics are holding me up though

well, ang lee has stated directly that he believes the characters, at least, are gay--which is better than many critics have done. (getting into whether the film can be classified as "gay cinema" per se is really a question about whether there is such a thing as a gay aesthetic, or whether aesthetic descriptors should more properly be confined to the realm of "camp," etc.) anyway, i hate to break it to you, FNARF, but the number of heterosexuals who die by gaybashing is minimal. which doesn't mean straights can't relate. (did only transgendered FTMs relate to "boys don't cry"?)

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