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Thursday, February 2, 2006

Cheesy Bites, A Four-Part Love Story

Posted by on February 2 at 15:03 PM


Pizza Hut’s glossy insert in today’s Stranger has sent waves of awe and controversy through the office. Witness now, in full color, as our extraordinary receptionist Mike Nipper meets, mates, and quickly fellates the compliant doughy nugget. Nipper says, “I really wish they were filled with chocolate. Then it would be pizzert.”

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That’s so weird looking (the pizza, not the fellatio). I saw an ad for it last night where a whole pizza’s worth of those cheezy bites popped into a skinny woman’s mouth. All I could think of was that they should have had the woman get fatter as she quickly swallowed all 30+ of those things.

Were they good?

It looks more like a shrimping than fellation scenario.

They were AWESOMELY gross. I want more.

It looks like some crazy radiated foot. I'm amazed your receptionist could stomach even putting it in his mouf.

He's had worse things in his mouth.

Pizza Hut... ugh. Cheesy things in lieu of a crust... triple ugh.

Can we start a contest to see what Nipper will and won't eat? My first entry: dehydrated seaweed.

And after the dehydrated seaweed, there's probably nothing he wouldn't drink....that stuff is salty...

Where can one find this dehydrated seaweed? Sounds right up my alley.

Inhi: Uwajimaya. There's about 2 aisles of just that. Enjoy!

Seaweed is excellent food - we all need to eat much more.

Et la pizza - small children and Stranger readers and employees will love it.

Sucking is excellent, priamal, some therapy, can be big satisfaction, and we all need more, much more.

Ex smokers take note.

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