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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Careful, Eli.

Posted by on February 11 at 11:53 AM

Congrats on being the superior human being, Eli. But be careful you don’t nuance yourself into a corner.

But for the record: Oh yes, colonialism sure was bad. I hate colonialism. Colonialism: Bad, colonialism, very, very bad.

But whatever the roots of Islamic rage—and, yes, I think we should understand those roots—and whatever is ultimately motivating demands by anti-Democratic religious fascists for restrictions on press freedoms in the West, it doesn’t change the fact that this is, ultimately, an assault on freedom of speech/thought/expression, and it needs to be, whatever its root cause, resisted.

Freedom of thought and expression are too important to be sacrificed on the altar white, liberal, first-world guilt. Get over yourself.

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For the record: freedom is good -- very, very good. Religious fascism is bad -- oh so very bad. Liberal white guilt exists -- really, really exists.

The cartoon hoopla doesn't need to be spun, the threat to freedom of expression doesn't need to be exaggerated, and this demand for solidarity does more to reveal our differences in a "free society" than it does to bring us together.

You are free to twist your panties six ways from Tuesday. Wring 'em out. I am free to remain indifferent and ponder the differences between freedom of expression in a society where Holocaust denial is a crime, and one where it isn't.

Here is my attempt to "get over myself." Not quite there yet. Not yet. Right... now.

Thank you, Mr. Savage, for shutting him up (and not in the "blowing up embassies" kind of way). I don't see how Mr. Sanders can simply try and write off the recent violence as some sort of 'payback' or residual effect of colonialism. Using a post-post-modern stance of 'nuance' to a very straight forward issue reeks of the kind of limp-wristed, pseudo-intellectual, elitist liberal reasoning that has let the Republican sociopaths take control of our country.
If these were fundamentalist Christians (and given the way Dobson and co. have been acting lately, it could easily be) and not Muslims, Mr. Sanders would not hesitate to condemn the violence and strong-arming of freedom of speech.
One must understand that it is perfectly acceptable, and quite necessary, to condemn the acts of these people regardless of the fact that they are Muslims or by-products of colonial step-child syndrome or whatever the fuck we want to 'nuance' it. The fact remains that the majority of Muslims are peace-loving people of Allah that find the recent rioting and death threats atrocious.
The fact that Mr. Sanders would sit idly by and defend these people in their attempt to stifle the freedoms of press and speech in the West is troubling. Why is Mr. Sanders a journalist? Why is he still employed at a large weekly if he cares so little for journalistic integrity and freedom of speech?
Lest I sound to harsh on Mr. Sanders, I must say that I generally enjoy his writing. I just believe that he is missing the important implications of this issue.

Will you please wake up and smell the nuance !?

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