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Thursday, February 9, 2006

Broken Hearts

Posted by on February 9 at 11:02 AM

If you’re one of the hundred or so people who got an e-mail from the Stranger yesterday informing you that your valentine didn’t make it into the print edition due to lack of space, I feel your rage: Mine didn’t make the cut either. It seems we (idiotically) cut the very first batch we received, which rewarded procrastinators and punished those of us who have our shit together.
If you hop over to the Stranger home page, the neglected love notes are there (marked “Extra Special Valentines”) in case you need to e-mail the link to your lover—save him or her from searching the entire paper in vain and prove that you do care.
We really did receive way more valentines than we expected or had room for (trust me, we wouldn’t have cut your horoscope otherwise). Sucks hard, though, I know.

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mine didn't make it either! let's riot!

First my Mayor Gridlock t-shirt, now this? It's really terrible that you fucked over us folks who got their Valentines in early.

You bitches! Shit...oh well.

It doesn't matter, all the stranger boxes are trashed this week and I can't find an undamaged print copy.

Which boxes did you see trashed? You can always get a fresh copy at the Stranger offices.

Around the greyhound bus station area, but the good people at seattle bagel had some non-urine copies this morning.

I like your website alot...its lots of fun... you have to help me out with mine...

Hey man...sorry I missed the party.

Hope you come back soon!!

This is the coolest La Cocina.

Follow your dreams, you can reach your goals.

Hope you come back soon!!

I like your website alot...its lots of fun... you have to help me out with mine...

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