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Sunday, February 5, 2006

British Parliament Rocks My World

Posted by on February 5 at 21:48 PM

I just watched 10 minutes of a broadcast on C-SPAN from the British House of Commons, where Tony Blair was being peppered with questions by his fellow pols on Wednesday. Say what you will about Blair and Labor and lapdogs, but at least this guy can speak without someone else having to write him a script. Plus, how come our Congressional debates are so damned dry and polite and canned? The House of Commons is like black church, crowded and with everyone shouting out approval or booing at will. There are plenty of TV shows this shit could destroy in terms of ratings. Now spread the word!

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You're totally right, parliament could kick congress' ass in a rhetorical throw down any day, and I know I'm a real nerd. I've got a Tivo season pass for C-SPAN's coverage of parliament with Prime Minister response.

I'd love to see GW Bush defend himself from the dogs like that once a week.

Though I don't really agree with his politics, it was funny as hell when MP George Galloway horse-whipped Sen. Norm Coleman.

I've long been a fan of Prime Minister response. It's healthy to have such exhibitions of free speech and rhetoric. The U.S. Congress is scripted, like a play, and while there is the occasional improvisation, pretty much everyone knows what's going to be said.

Remember when that Ohio representative criticized Jack Murtha's patriotism? I'm almost certain that her handlers put her up to that task and that leaders in the House knew she was going to say what she said. The speech was vetted, contrary to the protestations presented later, and the Democratic leadership understands that because they do the same thing. The outrage not only came from the Congresswoman's words, but also from the knowledge that such underhandedness was ordered or approved from on high.

I believe in the British House of Commons the distance they are seperated by, accross the green floor, is two sword lengths, so back in the day when they all dressed like Muskateers they couldn't jab each other if the degbate got a bit "cheeky".

Question Time is scripted, with the question-askers, and the answers, all decided beforehand.

Though it's true Bush would drown two minutes into his first one.

But a lot of Brits would question whether Bliar's glibness is an improvement over Bush's inarticulacy.

Hope you come back soon!!

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