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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Attic envy

Posted by on February 8 at 14:26 PM

When I was a kid, I found a stack of newspapers from 1927 hidden in my attic, along with an ancient bottle of wine. I was impressed.

This man just found an alien fetus in a jar in his. Suddenly my attic seems geeky and uninteresting.

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Beats the hell out of finding your dad's stash of Playboys, don't it?

I also love the thoughtful position of the alien, as if it travelled all that way to Earth and was wondering "Is that all?"

Did you drink the wine? I was impressed when I found a filing cabinet that had two drawers filled with my dad's scorecards from golf, and the other drawers of course were Playboy and Penthouse.

What precisely is a "US serial number"?

Those things? The cats used to drag 'em in half-eaten all the time. Some of them were still moving.

Never thought to save one in a jar, though.

FNARF: Perhaps they mean Social Security Number? Maybe they collected death benefits for it, but only through it into the jar.

Um, but how do they know it's a "fetus"? Maybe aliens are wee creatures.

But why would an alien have a SSN? They don't just appear out of nowhere; they're assigned to people. And how would you know it was an SSN? Until its meaning is identified, it's just nine digits. Maybe it's his phone number, or the SKU from Archie McPhee's where it was purchased.

The article also perpetrates a classic kook debating technique: suggesting that the improbability or unlikelihood of something is evidence that it's true. "They" deny it, so it must be true.

From the photograph, I'd say the thing in the jar is probably either JFK or Jimmy Hoffa.

Hm, good point about the SSN. It's probably an illegal alien, then. Maybe Army dog tags? Maybe some sort of specimen number? Who knows?

They did say in the article that it appears to be modeled out of a clay like substance.

Maybe they'll have a naming contest with proceeds to go to charity. Name the alien!

I vote for "Steve".

Are you all out distributing the paper yourself today? WTF happened to SLOG after two thirty?

The Slog does seem slow. But I kind of like it. I can read all the posts and comments. I would've been fine if Eli's post was the only one today. What else is there to talk about?

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