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Monday, February 6, 2006


Posted by on February 6 at 10:05 AM

There is one downside to the first sunny day after many months of rainy, dark, winter weather—seeing your house in the strong light and realizing you are living in a spider refuge. I strongly believe that spiders are our friends—but I still don’t need to live in a Munster house. So instead of spending a lovely sunny day outside, I spent it attempting to regain the upper hand against the arachnids.

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Aren't there like, more spiders in the PNW than anyplace in the world or something?

All's I know is that I am constantly batting at dark corners in my old house in the springtime here. It drives me nuts. Some of these spiders are so big that you can actually hear them hit the ground when they leap from tall spaces.

my mom's old wives' tale: spiders won't live in a house with roaches. This is a big comfort for me whenever my house starts to look like Eddie Munster's since my arachnophobia doesn't even begin to compare with the roach one.

i always let the spiders alone -- they eat other bugs and i'm terrified of what might move in here if the spiders aren't on the front lines eating up the other bugs.
and the spiders give my cats something to snack on.

spiders are your friends.

I read recently, maybe on this slog, that wherever you are there is a spider within a meter of you. I only have this to say: Peace!

Spiders are normally your friends, but one spider bite that occurred in my sleep at my house in Redmond (I'm sure I rolled over the poor thing and he was just protecting himself, but still) sent me to the hospital and needed to be lanced a week later. A friend in Virginia was bit by a spider and lost a silver dollar sized chunk of his leg about half an inch deep. Noble and necessary they may be, but they are still creepy and poisonous. Yipe!

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